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Dedicated to unleash the full potential of digital.

Why Eraneos - What's in it for you
Our employees are our most valuable resources and the driving force behind our success. We do not only consider ourselves as a "Great Place to Work", but also as a "Great Place to Grow". As such, we offer you a comprehensive and attractive training program, individual career support and the opportunity to take on responsibility and excel in challenging projects in the public and private sectors.

Why Eraneos - and what you can expect from us

With over 1000 employees, Eraneos Group is one of the largest independent international consulting firms for strategy development and digitalization.

Our employees are our greatest asset and the drivers of our success. We see ourselves not only as a "Great Place to Work", but also as a "Great Place to Grow". As such, we offer you an extensive and attractive training program, individual support for your career, and the opportunity to take on responsibility and grow beyond yourself in challenging projects in the public and private sectors.  

We are proud of our Eraneos spirit. You can expect a collegial and appreciative working environment in which we develop creative ideas together and support and inspire each other. This is our foundation for fruitful teamwork and well-being for all our employees*.  
Together with our customers, we shape the digital transformation of our society. You can be part of it and generate a real impact for our community - in a wide variety of industries and topics. This meaningful work motivates us every day and drives us together to peak performance. In your day-to-day project work, you can take on responsibility after only a short time, whether for individual tasks or for entire projects.  

Outside of the projects, you can expect countless activities. True to the motto "Everyone is allowed, no one is required", there are various events and occasions to which you are cordially invited. From sports events, cooking and wine events, pub quizzes and aperitifs to various occasions - there is something for everyone. And if not, you have the opportunity to organize something of your own!  

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Our vision

Our vision

We are building the place where bright minds live and breathe the ambition to challenge the status quo and make a lasting impact on our clients’ future.

Our values


Achieving the best results for our clients is what drives us. We do this consistently and purposefully and take responsibility for our work as a contribution to the growth of our clients, our teams, our company - and ourselves.


Our teams provide an optimal setting where individual personalities and skills come together with our clients to shape our development together.


In order to exploit the full potential of digitization, we continuously provide impetus that has a tangible and lasting impact on the future success of our customers.


95% Work, 5% Life? Not with us! At Eraneos, we support a culture of mutual esteem and trust, which gives our employees room for a healthy and personal work-life balance.

Your well-being is important to us. You have the greatest possible freedom of organization in your daily work and you decide for yourself how you want to organize yourself. In order for you to be able to fully exploit your potential and to excel, it is important that you are able to recharge and rest in your free time.

Thanks to flexible working hours and our attractive annualized working hours model, you can decide for yourself to a certain extent when and how many hours you want to work. As we know, this can change depending on your life phase or situation - that's why we offer all our employees the possibility of working part-time. Our consultants all work between 60% and 100%. This is not just an empty promise: at Eraneos, some 110 employees were working part-time at the end of December 2021, which is more than 25% of the total workforce. Of course, it is also possible to increase your work rate again.

You can work wherever it suits you and our customers best - in one of our offices, at the customer's premises, on the road or at home in the "home office": modern IT equipment and infrastructure give you the freedom of a hybrid workplace.

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Our initiatives


Diversity means accepting differences and recognizing the endless possibilities that arise when it is embedded in a company's culture.

We are convinced that great diversity is enormously important and will make us even more successful in the future. For us, the focus is on people with their personalities and abilities - regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, worldview or any other dimension of diversity.

At Eraneos, we value gender-neutral language. This is the only way we can ensure that all relevant people feel addressed in our communications - we don't exclude anyone.

Would you like to get to know one of our initiatives better? Then find out more about how we support women with the Women@Eraneos initiative here.


Sustainability: a theme on everyone's mind. But what does it mean for us?

Sustainability@Eraneos deals with environmental and social sustainability issues.

Eraneos is distinguished by its commitment to climate neutrality and places great emphasis on the ecological footprint: recycling is ensured at all our locations and old laptops are, wherever possible, given back to our employees in order to extend their lifespan. We also pay attention to the way we travel and work. By 2020, more than 95% of all trips will be made by public transport.

On the social front, we are committed to the sustainable well-being of our employees and have been awarded the "Great Place to Work" label for several years.

Lab Week@Eraneos

A week to explore new technologies and tinker together, while working?

It's possible thanks to the Lab Weeks! During the last edition, about 50 Eraneos employees organized 7 different labs, where interested people can meet and develop a specific theme - and this, without any prior knowledge! Whether it's welding CO2 sensors, displaying site-specific information in an office or creating an evaluation framework for customers interested in technology, there's something for everyone. That's how interactive knowledge sharing can be.

If there's a topic you're passionate about, you can even promote it yourself within Eraneos, for example by creating a community or building a portfolio of services. Eraneos allows you to shape your own job.


The health of our employees is our most important asset.

In addition to more than a hundred professional development courses, we have actively supported our employees in recent socially turbulent years with our stress management offering and a psychological first aid hotline.

We train our employees in the prevention of health problems, and sensitize managers to health-related issues. In our company culture, saying "no" is not only tolerated, but also encouraged. Outside the company itself, we provide support for the local organization "SEET", which helps migrant women who want to continue their education.  
Take the chance | Become part of our transformation

Take the chance | Become part of our transformation

Eraneos Group, Ginkgo Management Consulting and Quint Group become one - Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands move together and combine the best! Become a part of this change and use the chance to actively shape such a transformation but above all to experience it.

You know the daily buzzwords "change management", "agility", "resilience" and "friction loss" - but have you already (co-)lived all this? Whether you are a Junior Consultant or Manager, Partner or Senior Manager, you now have the unique opportunity to help shape this exciting development and drive our growth. Unleashing (Y)our Potential. Together. Now.

We offer you the unique chance to experience change management and increase your experience. An added value that helps consultants to advance in their profession and adds that certain something when advising clients. What is an M&A consultant or a post-merger integration leader without hands-on experience? Grow with Eraneos, be part of this success story and experience an exciting time where our goal is: Dedicated to unleash the full potential of digital.

How to be part of the transformation? Join our transformation workshops or work with the New Work Team to develop the concept of our new work environment. Other unique opportunities include working groups dedicated to optimizing and simplifying internal processes, building more diversity and sustainability initiatives, or developing our common cornerstones and culture. You see: at Eraneos, you can grow, learn, and be hands-on.  

Are you ready? Become part of our transformation now!
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