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The future of the retail and e-commerce industry lies, among other things, in providing their customers with the best customer experience. At Eraneos, we support retailers with our digitization, retail and e-commerce experts.

Through the use of new technologies such as cloud, low-code platforms, headless architectures, blockchain and virtual reality, innovative retail and e-commerce companies are creating new business models, services and products.

If you are a retail and e-commerce company dealing with the topics of Digital Information Supply Chain, Industry Networks, Autonomous Stores, Digital Platforms & Commerce Architecture, Digital Omnichannel Strategy, Data Security and Data Analytics, Eraneos is your partner. We digitize commerce.

"The digital transformation of trading companies encompasses the entire supply chain from raw materials to customers and their digital data twin. We call this integral view of digital transformation the Digi-tal Supply Chain."

5 Services for the retail and e-commerce sector

Digital Information Supply Chain

Are you, as a trading company, concerned with a digital strategy? Would you like to bridge your internal and external data silos? Then you cannot avoid the topic of the digital information supply chain. The digital information supply chain not only offers new opportunities for customer loyalty, but also enables efficient industrial networks with your supply chain partners.

Retail and e-commerce companies are bridging data silos and boundaries in their digital supply chain with master data management (MDM). The advantage of master data management is obvious: the effort required to collect data is reduced and data consistency is ensured. In addition, production and logistics processes are accelerated with MDM and lead times are shortened.

Digital twins help retailers save time and money. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a product or process such as a physical supply chain. A digital twin can also serve as a replacement for a physical sample, for example, and is therefore sustainable because no waste has occurred.

Future of Retail Technology

The use of future technologies in the retail and e-commerce sectors, also known as Future of Retail Technology, makes it possible to create services that are personalized, digitized, networked and automated.

For example, an Autonomous Store, i.e. the automation of the sales floor, does away with the usual check-out and makes cash registers superfluous. In an autonomous store, customers experience a new and more targeted shopping experience thanks to a combination of cameras, sensors with IoT (Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence (AI).

If you, as a retail company, are concerned with the topic of smart stores, the following technologies come into play, which also have an influence on your business models: Electronic Shelf Label (digital shelf labels), Self-Check-out, Blockchain, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Digital Platforms & Commerce Architecture

If you are a company in the retail and e-commerce sector and have decided to digitize your business, you need experts who are familiar with Digital Platforms & Commerce Architecture. Our Eraneos experts support you in setting up the future system and technology landscape.

Digital Platform & Commerce Architecture deals with applications and core systems such as ERP, MDM (Master Data Management), CRM, PIM (Product Information Management), among others. If you have cross-channel processes, you also need to deploy headless and microservice architectures. Headless and microservice architectures are used, for example, in multi-shop scenarios with different store solutions.

Digital Omnichannel Strategy

With a digital omnichannel strategy, you can offer your customers a seamless, cross-channel customer experience across any device or location. Your customer experiences a personalized store experience while shopping and 24/7 customer service. If you as a retailer do not meet these expectations, you are one click away from losing your customer.

A digital omnichannel strategy puts the customer journey at the center. The strategy ensures that all customer touch points are seamlessly connected to your business, from the physical point of sale to social media, the website, email exchanges and mobile apps.

Eraneos shows you how to seize new business opportunities thanks to e-commerce, B2B commerce and omni-channel strategies. Thus, you offer your customers an integrated and seamless shopping experience.

Customer Insights & Retail Analytics

Customer insights allow analyses in the areas of sales trends, shopping cart abandonment, and sales by product and channel. Customer insights help you as a retail and e-commerce company to understand your customers even better.

Thanks to Retail Analytics, you receive analyses of your stock levels, real-rime movements in the supply chain, and seasonal trends, which support you in procurement and sales in the store or in your e-commerce store. With Retail Analytics, you put the customer at the center. You get a sound basis for data-driven decisions.

When companies in the retail sector opt for data science, they use methods, processes, algorithms and systems to make strategically targeted decisions. Data Science supports retailers, for example, in recommendation marketing, trend forecasting, inventory management or cross- and upselling.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is versatile. AI is used, for example, in assortment design, order picking, dynamic price optimization or product suggestions. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a huge spectrum. It supports the recognition of patterns, forecasts, language processing and much more.

For retailers, the digital transformation encompasses the entire supply chain from raw materials to the customer. We call this integral view of digital transformation the Digital Supply Chain.

We design the «Digital Supply Chain»

In order to be able to provide products and services to the recognized, individual human being, the basis is a framework of efficient processes and systems. Classic supply chain management has long called for a cross-stage integration of the entire value chain. This proven logic still has its greatest potential with the digitalization and integration of data flows. The digital twin of the supply chain - the Digital Supply Chain - is the biggest challenge and will be the biggest value driver in the future. Companies are forced to master the corresponding methods, processes and technologies. To become masters of the digital supply chain, they must therefore develop in six dimensions and build up and expand the corresponding competencies:

Data proficiency

The ability to obtain and refine the raw material data and to act efficiently

Architectural mindset

The ability to have an integral view of today's and tomorrow's enterprise architecture and to constantly develop it further.

Operational excellence

The ability to establish a claim of excellence in all business processes with regard to quality.

Omnichannel mastery

The ability to create a consistent enterprise interface across channels and touchpoints.

Customer focus

The ability to understand the customer as an individual and to keep him uncompromisingly at the center of all actions.

Human centricity

The ability to understand and design the company as an adaptive network based on the relationships of individuals.
Eraneos, partner of your digital future

Eraneos, partner of your digital future

As a partner in the development of the digital future, in addition to Eraneos's network of subject matter experts, a dedicated team with years of industry experience is available to you, whose heart beats for retail and who have the answers to key digitization questions.

Our latest publications

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Eraneos Focus «Sustainability»

«Sustainability ‒ not an option anymore, but rather essential for success!!»
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Data Analytics & AI Study - Generate Real Added Value with Data Analytics & AI

Study results (2021/11)

As part of an independent, international study, Eraneos Group surveyed companies in every sector of the economy regarding

the extent to which they already use data analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI), and what the main value added is for them.

PDF | 20.36 MB |

Eraneos Fokus «Cloud»

The cloud in the regulated sector

There is no longer any debate regarding whether or not the cloud will take off. That decision was taken a long time ago. Cloud providers did their homework and laid the foundation for the secure use of cloud services. But in the regulated sector in particular, there are various different framework conditions that must be taken into account for the compliant implementation of cloud strategies.

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Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

Eraneos FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Data, data, data - Take advantage of the full potential

Eraneos Focus (2016/10)

Never before have organisations had more extensive and insightful data assets than today - and never before have the opportunities been better to exploit this potential to the full.

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Project Portfolio Management - From Strategy to the Right Projects

Eraneos Focus (2015/10)

Eraneos has an even more comprehensive range of consulting and training services in the field of project management.

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