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Organizational Excellence & Transformation (OE&T)

Entrepreneurial excellence & adaptability

Today, organizations across all industries are confronted with new challenges at ever shorter intervals. We are convinced that that organizations need to proactively address these challenges to not only persist but thrive in such an environment and position themselves advantageously for the future.

With our "Organizational Excellence & Transformation" unit, we support you in your transformation journey. In doing so, we draw on our many years of experience and extensive expertise. Together with you, we develop sustainable "Target Operating Models (TOM)" and accompany you for the entire duration of the subsequent transformation.

«The success of any transformation is dependent on convincing managers as well as involved employees.»

«The success of any transformation is dependent on convincing managers
as well as involved employees.»

Kirsten Buffo de Jong

Partner, Lead Organizational Excellence & Transformation (OE&T)

Transformations are notoriously complex. They comprise many initiatives that run in parallel and typically extend over months, or even years. In addition, the starting point and the success criteria for a transformation differ from client to client. To address these individual requirements, "Organizational Excellence & Transformation" consistently applies a systemic consulting approach. As a client, you benefit from an interdisciplinary and thus holistic approach that is tailored to your needs.

Organizational Excellence & Transformation integrates the following nine areas of expertise:

  • Transformation & Change
  • Business Analysis, BPM, Customer Service Design
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Sustainability
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Project & Portfolio Management
  • Risk, Resilience & Compliance
  • Agile Services

Areas of expertise
Organizational Excellence & Transformation

Areas of expertise

True to the principle of understanding the client, we provide you with comprehensive and holistic consulting. Therefore, our focus lies on your unique “Transformation & Change”. We leverage our experience in this area to support you in topics such as “Business Analysis, BPM, Customer Service Design”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Procurement”, “Sustainability” and “M&A”. We strongly believe that all these topics should be considered intertwined rather than stand-alone. Consequently, we are committed to using a systemic approach to consulting, where our capabilities in "Agile Services", "Risk, Resilience & Compliance” and “Project and Program & Portfolio Management” constitute the very foundation of our activities.

Organizational Excellence & Transformation (OE&T) – Our areas of expertise

Transformation & Change

Transformation & Change

Transformation and Change are important topics that will only become more important in the future. While change refers to on-off projects with a clear start and end date, transformation describes the process that, once initiated, never ends. We support you in formulating an inspiring vision for the future. Within 90-180 days we work with you to develop an operating model that not only meets your current needs, but also anticipates the challenges of the future. In doing so, we consistently focus on the empowerment of employees at all levels. Together, we use the adaptability of your organization to achieve a long-term competitive advantage.

Business Analysis, Business Process Management & Customer Service Design

Business Analysis, Business Process Management & Customer Service Design

A truly sustainable transformation always begins with a shared understanding of the journey ahead.

We support you in traditional as well as agile managed projects to enhance transparency and to understand your status-quo. In a joint effort we go on to define sustainable solutions based on the challenges and opportunities that we have identified. Depending upon your individual needs, we lead the projects as requirement engineers, business analysts, or even in larger BA teams.

In addition, we design a Business Process Management that is tailor-made for your organization. You will benefit from a better performing process organization enabled by Lean Management principles. Eventually, this will enable you to make and integrate strategic decisions more effectively and promptly.

Finally, in our focus area Customer Service Design, we analyze all the touchpoints which your organization has with your customers along the customer journey. Together, we identify the levers that have the greatest influence on important metrics such as customer satisfaction, sales opportunities, leadership language, and churn rates.

Group Supply Chain Management

Group Supply Chain Management

Supply chains can be impacted by a pandemic, the blockage of important air-, road-, and waterways, and political conflicts. At the same time, consumer demands are rising, which increases the need for supply chain participants to exchange information in real time. We have experience and expertise in combining business needs and digitalization. For example, we develop supply chain strategies, assess and benchmark supply chains, implement cockpits to ensure supply chain transparency, and gather data to develop forecasting capabilities and ensure timely replenishment of inventories. We assist our clients in mastering the transformation that ensures the continuity of their supply chain activities.



The implementation of a digitalization project is inherently complex. Moreover, we have noticed that a growing proportion of implementations are taking place within an agile context. As a result, it has become increasingly important for project teams to include soft- in addition to quantifiable factors when evaluating potential suppliers. We support you – in the public and the private sector - in identifying and evaluating the partners who best fit your needs. In particular in the public environment, we ensure that your tendering process complies with all the necessary legal requirements and that you are aware of relevant compliance risks. Most importantly, we support you in conducting a comprehensive requirement analysis in a way that allows your organization to lay the foundation for a successful cooperation between you and your supplier.

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Sustainability - Sustainability as an important component of entrepreneurial excellence & adaptability

Sustainability - Sustainability as an important component of entrepreneurial excellence & adaptability

Sustainability and digitalization are two topics that have a major impact on our society in the 21st century. To be economically and socially successful, organizations must integrate sustainability into their daily business. Along the way, you must deal with a variety of complex issues, ranging from sustainable production and operations, circular economy and achieving net-zero, to managing sustainability risks and transforming business models. Together, we break down this complexity and make your sustainability commitment concrete, visible, and effective.

Read our Focus issue on the topic of sustainability now ▶

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are profound, strategic events that have a decisive impact on the success of your company - for better or worse. Hence, we guide you with a structured approach to M&A that encompasses all phases of the M&A lifecycle - from strategy formulation to IT Due Diligence up to post-transformation audits and separations - as well as a distinctive PMI methodology that is highly adaptable to the widely varying requirements of different PMI projects.

Project-, Program- & Portfolio Management

Project-, Program- & Portfolio Management

In Project, Program & Portfolio Management we support you in the effective and efficient implementation of demanding projects. Portfolio management is becoming increasingly important in the context of target-orientated and successful project management. We can take on leadership roles in projects ourselves or support your project managers in their role. In workshops, trainings and coaching sessions, we professionalize and digitalize your project management and provide you with tools and basics. Whether you need to manage and lead a single project, an entire program, or the strategic management of your portfolio, we are there to assist you!

More about Project Management at Eraneos Group ▶

Risk, Resilience & Compliance – Where organizational excel-lence & transformation are evident

Risk, Resilience & Compliance – Where organizational excel-lence & transformation are evident

In a VUCA* world, there is an increasing need for risk awareness at all levels of an organization. Organizations need to become better at identifying, understanding, and addressing different types of risks. In Risk, Resilience & Compliance we combine business- and IT know-how to address key success factors and safeguard your bottom-line. Rather than protecting you against individual, clearly defined risks, we attempt to reduce potential damage in all areas - known and unknown.

In addition, we provide you with comprehensive and data-driven IT audits. They range from “IT Due-Diligence” and “Health Checks” over, “Service Stability Assessments” to “Go-to-Green” and “Major Incident Assessments”. Our client-centric approach ensures that the outcomes are relevant, actionable and contribute towards the future viability of your business.

*VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

Agile Services

Agile Services

With our holistic approach, we demonstrate how your organization can leverage the opportunities that an “agile” perspective provides. We conduct comprehensive maturity assessments to identify your company’s potential in the areas of organizational structure, processes, and people. Moreover, we support you in becoming more agile on the team and the company level, while keeping your individual requirements at the forefront of our work.

More about agility - a key competence for change ▶
Kirsten Buffo de Jong
Kirsten Buffo de Jong
Christian Scholten
Christian Scholten

In our technical articles you will learn how we approach the topic of information security in concrete terms:

PDF | 78.28 KB |

Lessons Learned aus einem Industrie-4.0-Security-PoC

PDF | 322.31 KB |

Overview of the Eraneos Procurement Assessment Methodology

PDF | 1.67 MB |

Eraneos Focus «Sustainability»

«Sustainability ‒ not an option anymore, but rather essential for success!!»
PDF | 3.53 MB |

Cyber incidents ranked as top risk worldwide

E-Paper (2022/02)

Summary of various market surveys on cyber security
PDF | 4.76 MB |

The COVID-19 crisis

This paper is only available in German.
PDF | 3.96 MB |

Ecosystems as a self-propelling force for future growth?

Focus on the insurance industry - Part 3 (2021/11)

Many financially strong companies in different industries are trying to launch ecosystems through acquisitions, investments or other activities. The goal achievement, an extension of the customer value proposition, as well as the associated process, are extremely complex.

PDF | 20.36 MB |

Eraneos Fokus «Cloud»

The cloud in the regulated sector

There is no longer any debate regarding whether or not the cloud will take off. That decision was taken a long time ago. Cloud providers did their homework and laid the foundation for the secure use of cloud services. But in the regulated sector in particular, there are various different framework conditions that must be taken into account for the compliant implementation of cloud strategies.

PDF | 6.99 MB |

Swiss industry neglects digitization at strategic level

A survey by the «Digital Strategy» working group of the Industrie 2025 initiative, co-chaired by Eraneos, concludes: Only one-third of manufacturing companies in Switzerland consider their own level of digital maturity to be sufficiently high.
PDF | 677.41 KB |

Effects of automatic train operation on regional train drivers


«IRSE Institution of Railway Signal Engineers» – Effects of automatic train operation on regional train drivers (2021/03)

This study was performed in collaboration with Eraneos Group and ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).


PDF | 4.91 MB |

How service trends in the Swiss industrial sector are strengthened by COVID-19

E-Paper (2020/11)

Sharp declines in demand, supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions and hygiene regulations affect all key functions of value creation.

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