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Diversity has many facets.
With Women@Eraneos, we are committed to strengthening the position of women in all areas and at all levels of the Eraneos Group.


In this context, we promote the targeted development of female consultants, have introduced individual promotion measures such as the "She Power" course, and actively encourage the development of women in management positions.

Furthermore, with the Women@Eraneos initiative, Eraneos offers a platform to encourage the exchange between women within the organization. In addition to events such as "Ask The Female Leaders" and "Get Togethers", there is an open forum where every female employee can find support in various areas.

Gender Diversity Mentoring

Breaking down gender roles and unconscious prejudices

With the Gender Diversity Mentoring Program, we promote the exchange between women and men across the different hierarchies in order to strengthen mutual understanding, make needs and points of view visible and actively break with unconscious patterns. Within the framework of this 1-2 year program, the Eraneos partners take on the role of mentor and are available as contact persons during this period.


Consulting and family - that's not possible?

You bet: Our goal is to give women long-term perspectives in consulting - We achieve this through our work-life balance measures (link to Why Eraneos) and our mentoring program for expectant mothers. In addition, various resources are available to expectant parents, as well as family officers for all matters relating to the topic of family.

Will your spouse be working with us? As a father, he has the option of taking three weeks of paid paternity leave within six months of the birth of your child.


For diversity in the tech industry!

The #wetechtogether conference is the largest event for more diversity in the tech industry in Switzerland and brings together female tech communities to empower, engage and celebrate women in this industry! Eraneos will be present this year with a booth as well as a workshop sponsor. There will be a diverse range of workshops, mentoring, talks and coverage for, with and about women in the tech industry.


95% Work, 5% Life? Not with us! At Eraneos, we support a culture of mutual esteem and trust, which gives our employees room for a healthy and personal work-life balance.

Your well-being is important to us. You have the greatest possible freedom of organization in your daily work and you decide for yourself how you want to organize yourself. In order for you to be able to fully exploit your potential and to excel, it is important that you are able to recharge your batteries and rest in your free time.

Thanks to flexible working hours and our attractive annualized working hours model, you can to some extent decide for yourself when and how many hours you want to work. As we know, this can change depending on your life phase or situation - that's why we offer all our employees the possibility of working part-time. Our consultants all work between 60% and 100%. This is not just an empty promise: at Eraneos, some 110 employees were working part-time at the end of December 2021, which is more than 25% of the total workforce. Of course, it is also possible to increase your work rate again.

You can work wherever it suits you and our customers best - in one of our offices, at the customer's premises, on the road or at home in the home office: modern IT equipment and infrastructure give you the freedom of a hybrid workplace.

Start now in your new wellness environment

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