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Unleashing (Y)our Potential. Together.

Grow at Eraneos
In order to create your individual "Great Place to Grow", we place great emphasis on mentoring and further training.

How you can grow at Eraneos

In addition to personal career coaching, you have free access to a wide range of further training courses and specialist and industry curricula that are designed to match your profile. Whether you are an industry or technical expert, an all-rounder or a project management professional - you can decide for yourself which path you would like to take.

Discover here how Eraneos can support you in your further development:

  • Personal Growth
    At Eraneos, you are in control of your personal development. In concrete terms, this means that you can decide on your own goals and set the pace at which you want to advance your career. Thanks to our network organization and your career coach as a contact person, you will receive the level of feedback and input that you desire.
  • Flexible Conditions
    Our environment is characterized by trust, personal responsibility and respect. Therefore, you can plan your work-life balance and your time management at Eraneos yourself - so you can reconcile your personal needs as well as those of the clients and Eraneos on your own.
  • Collegial Atmosphere
    Together we are successful. Our working atmosphere is characterized by the exchange of ideas, feedback and thoughts as well as mutual support. It is important to us that everyone in our network organization is heard and respected, regardless of their role or position in the company.
  • Genuine Leadership
    We think beyond hierarchies and involve our employees in decision-making processes. We help our colleagues grow and empower them. We act honestly and ethically. We create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities.
Your start with us

Your start with us

A new environment, unfamiliar processes and a new job - all this can be very motivating. In order to welcome you with open arms during your first days and weeks at Eraneos and to facilitate your integration, you will receive a mentor before your first day at work. This person is there to help you orient yourself to the company and support you in the internal processes and with any questions you may have after your three-day onboarding program. He or she will also help you network within our organization.

In addition to a mentor (usually a colleague from your immediate circle), you will also meet your career coach (a member of the management team) at the beginning of your employment. He or she will support you in defining your personal goals, will work with you to help you achieve these goals and will be your first point of contact when it comes to your personal development.

Do you want to be actively involved in the organization? Many initiatives at Eraneos are developed and implemented by employees. Here, you have the opportunity to contribute your skills or develop new ones from day one, and to actively contribute them to the development of the customer base, the expansion of the Eraneos culture or the opening of new services.

We value creative and inquisitive minds that enjoy the new and unknown. Since we are active in a wide range of sectors, there are always opportunities to discover new areas.

Have we convinced you? Then apply here.

Eraneos Group | Maria Sommerhalder

"My start at Eraneos was great - in my very first week, the so-called "Lab Week" took place, a week full of tinkering events in various technology areas. What still strikes me as positive is the great creative freedom and the helpfulness of the Eraneos employees. I was allowed to take responsibility for the blockchain topic in the company from the first day. Eraneos is therefore perfect for people who want to make a difference!"

Maria Sommerhalder

Managing Consultant

Eraneos Group | Jan-Willem Aarents

"At first I wondered "How will Eraneos onboarding in the home office?" - and shortly thereafter I was incredibly enthusiastic about how well the onboarding and the personal "godfather" made it possible to start consulting. And then there are all the Eraneos employees who don't hesitate for a moment to help you out, to get to know you, or to want to do activities together! And now after some time I realize - I was not promised too little with the variety of opportunities to integrate within Eraneos and to be able to make a difference!"

Jan-Willem Aarents

Junior Consultant

"I could hardly wait for my start at Eraneos. Despite the difficult corona situation and virtual training days, I was warmly welcomed from the very first moment and after only a short time I felt like I had arrived in the team. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone is friendly and helpful to each other despite the large workload. There is a lot of laughter and the atmosphere is simply pleasant. I'm now looking forward to more great moments and challenges, which I'm sure there will be plenty of."

Carol Tschumper

Assistant to COO

Eraneos Group | Dominik Noeren

"I have found here all the things that are important to me in my day-to-day work: exciting content, a non-hierarchical, collegial work culture, smart and professional colleagues, and a good work-life balance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or email."

Dominik Noeren

Senior Consultant

Take the chance | Be part of our transformation

Take the chance | Be part of our transformation

Eraneos Group, Ginkgo Management Consulting and Quint Group become one - Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands move together and combine the best! Become a part of this change and use the chance to actively shape such a transformation but above all to experience it.

We offer you the unique chance to experience change management and to increase your wealth of experience. This is an added value that helps consultants in their profession and gives them that certain something when advising clients. What is an M&A consultant or a post-merger integration leader without practical experience? Grow with Eraneos, be part of this success story and experience an exciting time with us.

Are you ready?

Become part of our transformation now
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