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Digital Healthcare

Mega trend "digitalisation" does not stop at nothing
The megatrend "digitalisation" is also affecting the social and healthcare sectors. In addition to leaner and more efficient processes and cost optimization, it also promises greater transparency and optimized communication between all stakeholders. Modern and powerful information technology, which guarantees a high degree of data security, is becoming increasingly important for the successful implementation of the associated transformations.
Eraneos Ralph Baumgartner
Ralph Baumgartner
Head of Healthcare - Manager
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ICT is already part of everyday working life for everyone involved in healthcare and social services.

However, digitization continues unabated and is advancing into ever new areas: Mobile services such as apps for smartphones, the digital evaluation of health data for the individual medication of patients without prior consultation with doctors or the confidential exchange of information on patients among all partners involved are good examples of this. In principle, new business models can emerge along the entire value chain. To achieve this, however, experts from different disciplines and organizations must work together in a secure network.

In the area of social insurance, e-government solutions and cross-media data exchange not only lead to process optimization, but also to quality and efficiency improvements. As a result, the resources freed up can consciously concentrate on increasingly complex customer consulting.

Traditional healthcare organizations would do well to open up culturally and organizationally to the innovation potential of digital technologies and actively promote their digitization in order not to lose out to new market participants. Of central importance is the formulation of a digital strategy and a structured approach to its implementation. In addition, the increasing use of information systems that are networked throughout the company also requires the secure handling of sensitive data. The development of such systems should therefore be based on a clear, long-term IT strategy that ensures that data confidentiality is already taken into account when new technologies and tools are introduced.

How we can assist you:

Our consultants have their finger on the pulse of the industry and are familiar with the latest challenges and trends in the social and healthcare sectors. With our many years of experience, we can help you successfully master the various stages of digital transformation - from strategy development and realignment of your organizational structures to process optimization and the development of new business models. Depending on your specific requirements, you can consult our consultants as experts or project managers. By supporting your project managers on site, we can respond even more directly to your needs and thus maximize the benefits achieved.

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Eraneos FOKUS «The cloud in the regulated sector»

Eraneos FOKUS (2021/11)

In the regulated sector, the cloud is also widely acknowledged to be an important harbinger of the digital revolution. But a large number of challenges are associated with using the cloud. What does a cloud strategy need to take into consideration? What form should the governance take? What roles, processes and guidelines are required for secure and compliant cloud usage? How should I go about migrating applications to the cloud that had previously been operated on site, and what does that mean for my organization and my operating model?

We wish you enjoyable reading.

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Eraneos Focus «IoT - paving the way to the era of connected things»

Eraneos FOCUS (2021/05)

Learn what it takes to fully leverage the potential of IoT applications to create business value in our latest edition of Eraneos FOCUS.

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Digitalisation by Covid-19


Computerworld (2020/11)

The Covid 19 pandemic is involuntarily driving Switzerland's digitalisation forward. Companies must now define the right medium and long-term measures.

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Customer reference - Federal Office of Sport FOSPO

Customer reference (2020/09)

The National Database on Sport (NDS) with the corresponding web application supports the Confederation, cantons, associations, clubs and schools in providing these services. It is an indispensable tool in the processing and administration of CHF 100 million in federal subsidies annually. As the current application has reached its limit in terms of technology and user-friendliness, it will be completely renewed by 2022. Eraneos received a mandate from FOSPO to support the procurement, realisation and introduction of the new system with resources and services at the forefront.
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The Customer at the Centre

Eraneos Focus (2019/04)

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Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

Eraneos FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Tested and Approved - Successful License Management in Practice


Computerworld (2015/08)

Since the introduction of a licence management solution, Helsana's IT has one less thing to worry about. Relationships with software manufacturers are now based on reliable and credible information, and licence audits have lost their terror. A field report.

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Mastering Compliance Requirements with Enterprise Content Management

Eraneos Focus (2015/06)

Companies and organisations are confronted with an increasing number of compliance requirements in a wide variety of areas. They have to control and verifiably document compliance with more and more laws, standards and regulations. The flood of regulations is followed by the flood of documents. Enterprise content management solutions are ideal for managing this as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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Swisscom will switch off existing telephony in 2017 - what next?


Erfolg (2015/03)

The uniform transmission of voice, video and data via the Internet Protocol (IP) has become established worldwide.

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"All IP" - Communication in upheaval

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2014/12)

By the end of 2017, the existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) throughout Switzerland will be converted to IP technology (Voice over IP, VoIP). Until then, most of the existing subscriber switching systems in companies will either have to be adapted or replaced.

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A modern business IT organization

Web week (2014/09)

After years of increasing centralisation, decentralised IT functions are increasingly needed in the specialised departments due to the crucial importance of IT for the value chain. This requires a new holistic management approach for IT in the company.

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Project management with HERMES 5 - just an update or the big one?

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2014/09)

HERMES is a project management method that was developed by the Swiss Federal Administration and has been in use for many years. As an open standard, it is freely available to all organisations and companies. In 2013, the new, massively revised version HERMES 5 was released. What does HERMES 5 bring to users? Is HERMES 5 a real alternative to international standards such as PMBOK from PMI or company-specific developed project management methods?

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Integral Security


Network industry symposium (2014/06)

Implementation in practice

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Successful ICT procurement is not witchcraft

Eraneos FOCUS (2014/06)

Among other things, procurement involves a lot of money. Individual cases of corruption scandals in the media distract from the actual purpose of procurement: First, the required service or the desired system must be specified and then a partner must be found for its realisation. This is a difficult starting position considering that often only rough ideas exist regarding the object of delivery.

Dr Roger Mosimann, Bernhard Rösli, Michael Graf

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ICT - the key to a successful strategy and its implementation

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2014/03)

Many companies only get as far as formulating the strategy. How can implementation be ensured?

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Requirements Engineering - decisive for project success

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2013/09)

Wherever it is a question of turning a goal into reality by means of a project, one has to deal with requirements. It is important to take into account the relevant needs of all stakeholders and the given framework conditions and to document them in a meaningful way.  

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Cyber security - current trends and protective measures

Eraneos Focus (2013/06)

More and more services are now offered and used via electronic channels. The importance of the internet for the state, the economy and society is constantly increasing and with it our dependence on the internet as a critical communication infrastructure.

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Current challenges in public procurement for ICT projects


Informatics Conference (2013/05)

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Cloud Computing - Cloudy with a View of the Sun

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/12)

The internet itself originated from the idea of accessing centrally provided computing power via a network. Cloud computing develops this approach further. Increased network performance and simplified access make it possible today to use IT resources of almost any kind via the internet.

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Data centers - successful combination of Swiss strengths

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/09)

In many IT organisations, data centre building services and IT systems are operationally separated, with their own specialised service providers and separate service catalogues. The operation of building infrastructures is called facility management, the operation of IT infrastructures is called IT service management.

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Processes and tools for a lived Business-IT-Alignment

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/06)

The current demands on IT and its CIOs are high. On the one hand, IT as a business enabler should deliver an optimal value contribution to the company's success, offer agile and flexible high-quality solutions and be customer-oriented. On the other hand, it has to operate with stagnating or declining IT budgets and increase its efficiency year after year.

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Building automation and IT - sharing resources

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/03)

The two worlds of "building automation" and "IT" are usually located in different organisational units in today's corporate structures. Technological progress in recent years has brought them increasingly closer together.

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Diagnosis for projects in a crisis situation


Megalink (2012/01)

When projects are in trouble, an independent consulting firm is often called in to analyse and define measures. From the experience of such mandates, an efficient procedure model has been developed with which the critical problem areas of a project can be identified. Suitable measures can then be derived from this to lead the project back onto the right path.

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Building automation industry in transition


Haustech (2011/03)

New technologies not only mean new opportunities, but also new challenges - and not only for planners. For example, completely new professional profiles must be created in building automation. This is shown by a market study conducted by ETH Zurich. T

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IT architecture - from ACTUAL to TARGET

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2007/09)

Visions of new IT architectures often emerge from a greenfield site and rarely with reference to the existing IT landscape that has grown over a long period of time. To make matters worse, existing IT environments have often reached a level of complexity that is no longer manageable without tools. Attempts to represent these IT landscapes usually end up in a confusing thicket of lines and symbols that are more reminiscent of a knitting pattern than a systematic representation of an IT architecture. In the following we present a tried and tested method to get from an ACTUAL to a TARGET IT architecture. Central to this is systematic and targeted documentation.

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Outsourcing - why some do it and others don't

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2006/06)

Visions of new IT architectures often emerge from a greenfield site and rarely with reference to the existing IT landscape that has grown over a long period of time. To make matters worse, existing IT environments have often reached a level of complexity that is no longer manageable without tools. Attempts to represent these IT landscapes usually end up in a confusing thicket of lines and symbols that are more reminiscent of a knitting pattern than a systematic representation of an IT architecture. In the following we present a tried and tested method to get from an ACTUAL to a TARGET IT architecture. Central to this is systematic and targeted documentation.

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Identity and Access Management

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2005/12)

ICT security has become a central topic for CIOs and IT managers in the last few years and has achieved visibility all the way up to company management. Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) have become buzzwords for a central topic area in every security architecture. Behind IAM and SSO lie various sophisticated technology topics such as directory services, application integration or public key infrastructures (PKI). Above all, these buzzwords conceal highly demanding process- and organisation-driven projects, where the technical implementation is only the tip of the iceberg. This Eraneos FOKUS looks at this complex of topics from the perspective of authentication.

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Eraneos World

Eraneos World


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Eraneos Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.



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