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Digital Strategy & Innovation

Shaping digital change together

Digitization is a strong driver of growth and is changing entire industries and business models. In order to benefit from process optimization, new business models and improved customer interaction, companies must take a proactive and strategic approach to digitization.

Technological developments and trends such as data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), platform business models, digital ecosystems and production technologies or augmented and virtual reality open up new business opportunities for companies. The technology available today is an important enabler. However, the customer and his needs should always be at the centre of all considerations.

Digital Strategy & Innovation
Sezer Kula
Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation
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Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

What is a digital strategy and why do we need one? Companies have often responded to the challenges of digitization with numerous individual initiatives. What is needed is a clear strategy to focus and channel digital activities.

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Digital and agile transformation is a huge - if not the biggest - challenge of this time for almost all companies. The future is complex, fast and can seem threatening. On the other hand, it holds enormous potential.

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The successful transition to digital organization is taking place on three levels:

  • The strategic level includes analyses, decisions and targets relating to digitisation with the aim of creating and maintaining sustainable competitive advantages. Digital visions and goals define with which focus and how the digital transformation in the company is to be advanced. This can take place within the framework of the corporate strategy or an individual digital strategy or digitalization strategy.
  • A digital business model describes how companies use digital technologies to generate value, for example by launching new digital products and services on the market, using digital distribution channels or further developing their revenue mechanics.
  • The digital operating model governs the concrete (operational) implementation of the digital business model and digital strategy. In particular, it ensures the development of the necessary competencies and structures.

We accompany companies on their way into the digital future and support them on all levels:

We accompany companies on their way into the digital future and support them on all levels:

  • Together with our customers, we develop digital strategies and help companies to set the right priorities in the three fields of digital customer experience, process digitization and digital business models.
  • We accompany companies in the development of digital business models and in innovation management. To this end, we lead customer-centric innovation projects and apply modern methods such as design thinking, lean startups, human-centered design, rapid prototyping, customer centricity and business model design.
  • We support companies in the design and implementation of their Digital Operating Model. We address the various control dimensions such as organization, infrastructure, architecture, processes, governance, partners as well as people and skills. By means of an Operational Acceptance Test (OAT) we check the operational readiness of the organization before the go-live of a new digital product or a new digital platform.
  • We drive digital transformation by helping companies and organizations successfully manage cultural change and the associated change process. We rely on established methods ranging from individual coaching to the implementation of large group methods such as "Open Space" or "World Cafe".

In our technical articles you will learn how we approach the topic of information security in concrete terms:

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Digital innovations in the industry: higher margins, more stable business


Handelszeitung (2020/11)

Innovations In industry, it makes sense to add services to product sales with digital technologies. The acid test came with the lockdowns.

PDF | 4.91 MB |

How service trends in the Swiss industrial sector are strengthened by COVID-19

E-Paper (2020/11)

Sharp declines in demand, supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions and hygiene regulations affect all key functions of value creation.

PDF | 7.32 MB |

Ökosysteme als Selbstläufer für zukünftiges Wachstum?

PDF | 32.97 KB |

Digitalisation by Covid-19


Computerworld (2020/11)

The Covid 19 pandemic is involuntarily driving Switzerland's digitalisation forward. Companies must now define the right medium and long-term measures.

PDF | 2.45 MB |

Corona crisis and M&A in the Swiss MEM industries

E-Paper (2020/06)

The Swiss MEM industry is facing major challenges as a result of the Corona crisis. This article shows which long-term M&A trends are emerging in the Swiss MEM industry and what companies should bear in mind in order to be successful in such acquisitions.

PDF | 1.65 MB |

7th Industry Forum 2025: Development of a digital strategy at Reishauer

Presentation (2020/05)

Presentation «Development of a digital strategy at Reishauer» at the 7th Industry Forum 2025

PDF | 2.49 MB |

Action plan for CIOs, CTOs and CDOs of Swiss industrial companies

E-Paper (2020/03)

CIOs, CTOs and CDOs are faced with major technical challenges. In our publication "Action Plan" we describe first steps how CIOs, CTOs and CDOs can tackle this challenge.

PDF | 3.21 MB |

Digital platforms - Are Swiss industrial companies oversleeping the business model of the future?

E-Paper (2020/03)

Swiss industrialfirms should lose no time and proactively put the topic of the platform economy on the management agenda. The opportunities offered by digital platforms cannot only be exploited by setting up one's own platform. Rather, industrialfirms should also consider how they can use other platform business models for themselves.

PDF | 2.10 MB |


AWK Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.

PDF | 1.04 MB |

Agile strategy development in industrial companies


Maschinenbau - The Swiss industry magazine (2019/07)

Many Swiss industrial companies still follow a cumbersome, linear process in their strategic planning. Given the radical change in the environment of Swiss industry, this is astonishing.

PDF | 719.02 KB |

The customer in the centre


Computerworld (2019/04)

"The customer is king" - actually an old hat and a matter of course with a multitude of associated management doctrines.

PDF | 148.30 KB |

Clear strategy as the basis for successful acquisitions


VSE Bulletin (2019/04)

Swiss energy suppliers have been under economic pressure for some time.

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Smart Government - Using digitization consistently


The steadily growing digitisation has replaced more and more analogue processes in recent years - also in the administration.

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