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The human being at the center of all action
Whether First Party Logistics Service Provider (1PL) or Fourth Party Logistics operator (4PL), digital transformation ensure you remain competitive in a fast-changing environment. At Eraneos, we live and breathe Logistics 4.0: our experts can support you in all aspects of supply chain management: from internal process optimisation to networked warehouses, intelligent delivery solutions and multi-channel logistics.  
In the logistics sector, the central use of existing data is enormously important for optimising processes and meeting customer needs. We support and advise transport companies in developing digital strategies, digital solutions in supply chain management (e.g. supply chain resilience) or data analysis (e.g. predictive analytics). Digital transformation also requires increased protection of data and infrastructure. We have comprehensive expertise in information security and cyber security to cover all your logistics and transport needs.  

"Logistics means making sure that the right goods, for the right customer, in the right quantity, in the right condition are at the right place, at the right time, at the right cost."

Raphael Pfarrer

Head of Logistics Industry

Digital strategies for the logistics sector
Enabling digital performance.

Digital strategies for the logistics sector

Our logistics team at Eraneos has experience in all areas of the logistics industry, from freight forwarders to standards organisations. From small regional companies to large international corporations, we have worked together on digitisation projects and collaborated with warehousing providers, freight forwarders and cargo railways. When it comes to moving freight from A to B, storing or analysing data, questioning existing digital strategies or developing a new on, Eraneos is the ideal partner for logistics companies.

The Eraneos experts know: the digital transformation of logistics is not only changing the corporate strategy of transport and logistics companies, but also the organisation and culture of the companies. In addition, digital strategies create new processes and business models that increase the competitiveness of your company and open up new collaboration models.  

From idea to implementation: data-driven solutions for logistics

With our four-stage "maturity model", logistics companies can assess how far they digitalisation projects have developed and their impact on the company. They can find out their current maturity level and what steps are required to get to the next level of digitalisation. This process ensures the effective use of data and development of capabilities to enable companies to achieve their digital aspirations.  

Digitalisation in the transport and logistics sector

Data analytics in the logistics and transport sector

With over 50 specialists with experience in data analytics, machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence, we can help you integrate data analytics into your strategy and optimise your logistics processes using these data.

Data Analytics - From Pilot to Transformation  

We take an iterative approach to data analytics, looking at your biggest challenges and showing you how data can help.

After defining the use cases, we start with the pilot phase. Depending on your needs, different competences come into play: from data structures via data science methods, to the anchoring of data analytics within your organisation.

To successfully realise the transformation, we help you to operationalise the pilot project by involving your employees and management in the newly created processes.  

IT consulting for the logistics and transport sector

We believe that IT in logistics companies is not a cost to be minimised but a driver of value. At Eraneos, we help companies develop IT strategies and build up the right capabilities to be more business- and customer-orientated.

This is just a sample of the topics where Eraneos’s experts can advise you:

  • ERP integration  

  • Enterprise & IT Architecture  

  • IT Governance  

  • Digital platforms in logistics, including customer and supplier portals.  

  • Target Operating Model  

Cybersecurity for logistics service providers

In today’s digital world, logistics companies must not only protect their customers’ goods but also their data. Are you armed against cyber-attacks? Do you have the necessary concepts and plans to defend yourself in the event of a cyber-attack?

In 2020, we conducted an independent study on cyber resilience, which found that for 70% of the companies surveyed, cyber security was considered a differentiator in the market, but only 20% of the participants had assessed their current status as sufficient.


For cyber security in your transport and logistics company, we recommend our Security Health Check. Our Eraneos experts uncover vulnerabilities, identify potential cyber risks and work with you to develop effective measures to shore-up your defences.  

If you succeed in guaranteeing both the security of the physical transport chain and a secure data flow, you will have a clear competitive advantage.  

Our latest publications

PDF | 934.26 KB |

Können Sie Manual-Mode? Wie Sie mittels manueller Ge­schäfts­ab­wick­lung die Be­triebs­kon­ti­nui­tät sichern

PDF | 1.67 MB |

Eraneos Focus «Sustainability»

«Sustainability ‒ not an option anymore, but rather essential for success!!»
PDF | 8.31 MB |

Data Analytics & AI Study - Generate Real Added Value with Data Analytics & AI

Study results (2021/11)

As part of an independent, international study, Eraneos Group surveyed companies in every sector of the economy regarding

the extent to which they already use data analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI), and what the main value added is for them.

PDF | 20.36 MB |

Eraneos Fokus «Cloud»

The cloud in the regulated sector

There is no longer any debate regarding whether or not the cloud will take off. That decision was taken a long time ago. Cloud providers did their homework and laid the foundation for the secure use of cloud services. But in the regulated sector in particular, there are various different framework conditions that must be taken into account for the compliant implementation of cloud strategies.

PDF | 1.68 MB |

«Mit prädiktiver Analytik die Kosten von Lagerbeständen optimieren» Fachartikel unserer Eraneos-Experten in der Zeitschrift «HANDEL HEUTE»

This article is only available in German.
PDF | 3.45 MB |

Eraneos Cyber Security Health Check

With the Eraneos Cyber Security Health Check, we examine the security of an IT operation by uncovering undetected vulnerabilities and developing an effective action plan.
PDF | 3.79 MB |

Unique Device Identification (UDI) - Holistic View in the Context of Master Data Management

E-Paper (2021/05)

This paper illustrates a possible approach

to ensure that an overview and the required efficiency are maintained, from analysis, solution finding and implementation

to monitored operation.

PDF | 928.78 KB |

The Customer at the Centre

Eraneos Focus (2019/04)

PDF | 1.40 MB |

Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

Eraneos FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

PDF | 861.97 KB |

Supply-Chain-Resilienz durch konsequente Di­gi­ta­li­sie­rung des Warenstroms

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