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Digital transformation of the real estate and construction industry
Demographic change, increasing sustainability requirements and changing customer needs are constantly presenting real estate companies and construction firms with new challenges. With its long-lasting and discrete assets, the real estate and construction sector in particular must consider the entire life cycle of properties in the ecosystem in order to be able to react to the increasing demands. 

The optimal use of integrated information and communication systems, and the consistent use of data, open up enormous potential in the real estate and construction sector. Here are just a few of the promising and ground-breaking areas in which Eraneos provides support: digital twins, digital construction sites with building information modeling (BIM) and comprehensive supply chain management (SCM), corporate real estate management (CREM) and digital building platform (DBP).

"Data and digital technologies are the basis for future suc-cess in the real estate sector throughout the entire life cycle, i. e. from planning and the construction process to the management of the property."

Philipp Büchi

Senior Manager | Head of Real Estate

How are real estate and con-struction companies creat-ing potential through the digital transformation?

Real estate and construction companies require multi-layered digital technologies in the life cycle of a property. Exploiting the digital potential that is available takes more than the cooperation of a property’s entire ecosystem. Efficiency, resilience and readiness for innovation are also required from the individual players.

Eraneos supports the digital transformation in the following areas:

  • The digital modeling of real estate in a digital twin lays the foundation for its cross-phase and cross-company optimisation and use. The digital twin is used in sales, development (including by means of building information modeling (BIM) as a basis for the digital construction site), all the way to management and re-use. This is achieved in particular by providing, linking and using all possible data sources.
  • An integrated data management system is needed to integrate all technical and organisational elements. Based on this, data analysis methods (data analytics) generate specific added value.
  • Building automation, control technology and the IoT enable the efficient and optimised operation of properties. They provide companies with real-time data as a basis for asset management as well as for ESG reporting to optimise sustainability. The convergence of control technology, IoT and the cloud also opens up new opportunities for real estate and construction companies.
  • Today, sustainability is in the spotlight and presenting companies with challenges. Real estate and construction companies are being forced to ask themselves the following questions: "How do we become more sustainable? How can we invest sustainably and also measure the effectiveness of our investment?" Real-time data from the IoT, control technology or building automation combined with other data sources such as asset management or core systems create transparency and a sound basis for decision-making.
  • The field of corporate real estate management (CREM) is undergoing groundbreaking changes due to dynamic corporate development and the digital transformation. CREM guarantees the efficient use of resources in terms of sustainability and the optimisation of operational expenditure. When it comes to operational real estate management, it is crucial to closely monitor shifts in the different fields of investment. Areas such as computer-aided facility management (CAFM), big data, data analytics (digital skills) and direct customer contact will become even more important in the future.

Modern, resilient (cyber security) information and communication systems that integrate into the value chain play a central role for all players in the real estate ecosystem.

Everyone from investors, owners and planners to general contractors and managers must clearly define the sustainable, strategic focus of their own contribution to the value chain. They ensure the future viability of their company through cultural change and proactive innovation management, and implement optimized processes by means of consistent digital strategies.

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)

The management, utilisation and acquisition of real estate by companies whose core business is not real estate management.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The creation and management of digital images of the physical and functional characteristics of rooms and properties.

Automatisation de la maison et du bâtiment (BA)

The automation of the control, regulation and monitoring of building functions.
Eraneos is your partner for the digital future

Eraneos is your partner for the digital future

Eraneos is your partner in the real estate and construction industry for your digital transformation. We assist you with your digital strategy throughout the entire life cycle of real estate and construction properties by making the best possible use of digital technologies. 

Together, we will develop your company and help you to position yourself in the real estate market. Digitalise your real estate business and you will

  • optimise your internal processes,
  • improve the experience of your customers (customer journey), and
  • create new services and business models.

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PDF | 1.77 MB |

Wie Digital Twins die Immobilienbranche revolutionieren

PDF | 3.53 MB |

Cyber incidents ranked as top risk worldwide

E-Paper (2022/02)

Summary of various market surveys on cyber security
PDF | 8.31 MB |

Data Analytics & AI Study - Generate Real Added Value with Data Analytics & AI

Study results (2021/11)

As part of an independent, international study, Eraneos Group surveyed companies in every sector of the economy regarding

the extent to which they already use data analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI), and what the main value added is for them.

PDF | 20.36 MB |

Eraneos Fokus «Cloud»

The cloud in the regulated sector

There is no longer any debate regarding whether or not the cloud will take off. That decision was taken a long time ago. Cloud providers did their homework and laid the foundation for the secure use of cloud services. But in the regulated sector in particular, there are various different framework conditions that must be taken into account for the compliant implementation of cloud strategies.

PDF | 80.99 KB |

Digital strategy survey


Swiss industry neglects digitalisation at strategic level
PDF | 1.40 MB |

Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

Eraneos FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

PDF | 1.67 MB |

Data, data, data - Take advantage of the full potential

Eraneos Focus (2016/10)

Never before have organisations had more extensive and insightful data assets than today - and never before have the opportunities been better to exploit this potential to the full.

PDF | 1.23 MB |

Project Portfolio Management - From Strategy to the Right Projects

Eraneos Focus (2015/10)

Eraneos has an even more comprehensive range of consulting and training services in the field of project management.

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Eraneos World

Eraneos World


PDF | 1.97 MB |


Eraneos Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.



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