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Public Safety and Defence

Maintaining internal and external security
The organisations of the Swiss Security Network are responsible for maintaining internal and external security and must guarantee this on a daily basis and in all situations. Networked and crisis-resistant telecommunications and IT systems play a central role in maintaining and ensuring these services. As an independent Swiss consulting firm, AWK has supported the planning, procurement and introduction of efficient and operational ICT systems, applications and terminals for many years.
Public Safety and Defence
Peter Friedli
Peter Friedli
Head of National Security & Defence
Oliver Spiess
Oliver Spiess

Swiss security and rescue organizations

With the energy turnaround and liberalisation of the Swiss energy market, the framework conditions along the entire energy value chain are being redefined.State-of-the-art deployment and communication systems support Swiss security and rescue organisations in emergencies, from emergency call acceptance to coordination of the emergency forces on site, and ensure that the required assistance is ready for deployment within minutes. Ensuring the efficiency and reliability of all support systems used - from telephony to mobile apps on a smartphone - requires both technical and IT expertise as well as in-depth knowledge of the organisation's technical processes. The same applies to the Armed Forces' complex command support and deployment systems. Only with a methodical approach, professional project management, technical expertise and mutual trust can highly available, effective and efficient systems and applications be built that can be relied upon in an emergency.

The AWK experts have the necessary expertise and work closely with their customers from the Swiss Security Network. In addition to the blue light organisations (police, fire brigade, medical services), these include the Swiss Armed Forces, civil protection at federal and cantonal level, the federal intelligence service, private rescue companies, such as Rega, and technical services. Since the weather can be critical to success in any operation, MeteoSwiss makes an important contribution to security with its forecasts.

How we can assist you:

Our consultants are well networked with the Swiss security and rescue organisations and are familiar with the various systems and their special features. This enables us, as an independent partner, to advise and support you competently at all levels from a neutral perspective. Depending on your specific requirements, you can consult our consultants as experts or project managers. By supporting your project managers on site, we can respond even more directly to your needs and thus maximise the benefits achieved.

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Customer reference - Federal Office for Civil Protection

Customer reference (2020/11)

A broadband mobile security communication system (MSC), which ensures communication between emergency services even in crisis situations and when the existing mobile network is overloaded, is indispensable for the adequate protection of the Swiss population. In order to create good conditions for the realisation of a uniform MSK system throughout Switzerland, a concept for the implementation of a pilot project was developed under the leadership of the FOCP. AWK provided administrative and technical support to the overall project management during the concept phase.
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The Customer at the Centre

AWK Focus (2019/04)

The twelfth edition of the renowned IT security conference Troopers took place in Heidelberg from 18 to 22 March 2019.

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Interne Ge­schäfts­pla­nung Be­völ­ke­rungs­schutz BABS

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Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

AWK FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Guaranteed success thanks to ISDS concept


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2018/03)

Experience, findings and implementation recommendations for cantonal police organisations

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Value retention Polycom 2030


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2018/03)

Project execution and risk management with focus on migration capability and migration execution

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Digitisation - a challenge for police work


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2017/03)
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Video surveillance in public and publicly accessible areas


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2016/03)

Zug Police and AWK Group: Video surveillance in public and publicly accessible areas

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The Future of Driving - Technology Trends in Road Traffic

AWK Focus (2015/03)

The speakers Philipp Büchi and Rolf Münger demonstrated six selected technology trends.

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Social Media Intelligence - a new form of information retrieval


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2015/03)

Social media intelligence is a form of information gathering from public sources (open source intelligence). Its special features are the high volume of information and its speed

and timeliness.

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Successful ICT procurement is not witchcraft

AWK FOCUS (2014/06)

Among other things, procurement involves a lot of money. Individual cases of corruption scandals in the media distract from the actual purpose of procurement: First, the required service or the desired system must be specified and then a partner must be found for its realisation. This is a difficult starting position considering that often only rough ideas exist regarding the object of delivery.

Dr Roger Mosimann, Bernhard Rösli, Michael Graf

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Traffic Management Application (FA VM)


Speech at the Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2014/03)

Symposium: Traffic management application (FA VM) - first implementation step of the new system architecture Switzerland (SA-CH) of FEDRO

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Future challenges for emergency call, emergency + alarm centres


Blaulicht (2014/02)

Cantonal Police Graubünden & AWK

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Access to mission data anytime and anywhere


Swiss Police Informatics Congress SPIK (2012/03)

Today, data transmissions to emergency vehicles and emergency forces are normally easy to implement in urban areas. It is more difficult to ensure this in exceptional situations and in the peripheral regions. Another major challenge is to protect the decentralised data from data theft or data migration.

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ICT processes and organizations - a set of rules for interpretation


ICT contributes significantly to value creation in many areas today. In many cases, however, the ICT organisation has grown historically: structural and process organisation are not aligned with each other. Based on a generic ICT process model, we discuss typical ICT organisational set-ups and work out guidelines for organisational design based on our experience.

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AWK World

AWK World


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AWK Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.


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