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Shaping digital change!

Get to know us.

More and more services are being digitized - our aim is to shape digital change together with our customers. We have anchored this goal both in our vision and in our DNA.

As an independent management and technology consulting firm, we help companies from the private and public sectors to master the far-reaching changes associated with the digital transformation.  In this respect, digitization is a strong or even the strongest driver of our business model. However, it also presents us with a number of challenges when it comes to the design of our consulting services. Like any company, we have to digitize processes and align them to our growth. With a focus on customer expectations, we also continue to develop our competencies. For example, we are currently massively expanding our Cyber Security & Privacy division.

Get to know us.
In a team with our customers

In a team with our customers

Performance mandate

AWK assumes responsibility for the services defined in the contract, e.g. planning and procurement of a system. AWK often forms a joint project team with the customer and ensures that objectives are achieved.

Personal mandate

AWK makes specialists and project managers available to the customer on a part-time or full-time basis for a certain period of time. AWK consultants usually carry out their project tasks on site at the customer's premises.


AWK is called in as an independent expert to carry out a neutral expert opinion, a study, a review or an audit.

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