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Increasing decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitisation
With increasing decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitisation as well as the imminent opening of markets, a disruptive change is taking place in the energy landscape. In recent years, numerous energy utilities have begun to optimize their business processes, diversify their revenue base and seek new service areas. Transformation is in full swing. As an independent Swiss consulting firm and established partner in the energy sector, AWK supports you on this path.
Schmuel Holles
Head of Energy Utilities
+41 58 411 95 63

With the energy turnaround and liberalisation of the Swiss energy market, the framework conditions along the entire energy value chain are being redefined.

Energy suppliers are forced to question and reorient their traditional business models. New strategies and services, portfolio adjustments, the expansion of the core business and appropriate cooperation are essential measures to transform the pure energy supplier into a successful service provider. The aim is to align value creation more closely with customer benefit and to achieve both cost reductions and increased efficiency through optimised business processes. At the same time, security of supply must be guaranteed at all times.

Energy companies should anticipate and actively address changing demands in times of change. AWK advises you comprehensively from strategy development to operationalisation. To this end, we support you in the provision and optimization of your operational model with regard to organization, business processes and your ICT landscape. Examples include the creation and implementation of a digitization strategy, the development of new "smart" business models or the conception and implementation of smart metering.

How we can assist you:

As a long-established partner of the Swiss energy industry, AWK advises energy service providers on strategic, operational and technical issues. In the interaction of all your business areas, we help you to strengthen your market position with innovative and integrative solutions. You benefit from the technical, methodological and technological know-how of our consultants.

Depending on your specific requirements, you can consult our consultants as experts or project managers. By supporting your project managers on site, we can respond even more directly to your needs and thus maximize the benefits achieved.

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Winning with (in)certainty: The Swiss utility industry, not only according to Covid-19

E-Paper (2020/11)

Changes, driven by digitalisation among other things, are happening ever faster and are triggered by exogenous shocks such as the Corona crisis from outside. It has long since ceased to be sufficient to anticipate the future in the way it is handled in classic scenario and strategy development.

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Data Policy for EVUs

E-Paper (2020/11)

Read in our e-paper about the data management requirements of the utilities, their effects and what AWK Group has to offer accordingly.

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Preparation for the unthinkable - In cooperation with AWK Group


Handelszeitung (2020/06)

The importance of exponential growth has become clear to many of us Corona. Similar we see in the economy and and thus also in the energy sector: Changes, driven among other things driven by digitalisation, among other things, are ever faster and are triggered by exogenous exogenous shocks such as the Corona crisis. Adjustments to existing business business models can thus be within days or weeks. within days or weeks. The Swiss energy supply companies (EVU) must be prepared to be prepared for immediate and fundamental changes changes promptly in order to protect their own protect their own business and opportunities in a targeted manner.

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Why the customer becomes the focus of attention


VSE Bulletin (2019/12)

Digital transformation in energy supply - Why the customer is moving to the centre.

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Switzerland's energy supply at a turning point

Management Summary (2019/12)

Découvrez la mise en œuvre de la stratégie énergétique pour 2050.

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Clear strategy as the basis for successful acquisitions


VSE Bulletin (2019/04)

Swiss energy suppliers have been under economic pressure for some time.

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The Customer at the Centre

AWK Focus (2019/04)

The twelfth edition of the renowned IT security conference Troopers took place in Heidelberg from 18 to 22 March 2019.

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Organisational impact of digitisation on RUs


VSE-Fachtagung (2018/11)

Digitisation is more than process automation and making analogue content available digitally

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Utility 4.0 - Solution approaches

EVU-Lunch (2018/11)

On Wednesday, 7 November 2018, the 20th EVU Lunch took place under the title "Agile and stable - bi-modality at EVU".

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Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

AWK FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Data policy in the energy sector

EVU-Lunch (2017/10)

On 27 October, the 19th EVU Lunch took place under the title "A Framework for the Energy Landscape".

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Datahub CH - hub for efficient data exchange

EVU-Lunch (2016/11)

On 1 November, the 18th EVU Lunch took place with the title "Differentiation and optimisation - the digitalisation of the energy landscape".

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The challenges of digitisation

EVU-Lunch (2016/11)

On 1 November, the 18th EVU Lunch took place with the title "Differentiation and optimisation - the digitalisation of the energy landscape".

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Change management in organizational projects


VSE Bulletin (2016/10)

Culture change in the introduction of enterprise content management systems in the energy industry

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Paradigm shift in the management of complex infrastructures

AWK Focus (2016/04)

Asset management - those who only think of the financial industry overlook the dramatic change that is currently taking place in the management of complex infrastructures.

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Project Portfolio Management - From Strategy to the Right Projects

AWK Focus (2015/10)

AWK has an even more comprehensive range of consulting and training services in the field of project management.

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Demand Side Management - Flexibility in Energy Turnaround

EVU-Lunch (2015/10)

Demand side management enables the achievement of potential savings in grid expansion and revenue increases by means of virtual power plants.

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Mastering Compliance Requirements with Enterprise Content Management

AWK Focus (2015/06)

Companies and organisations are confronted with an increasing number of compliance requirements in a wide variety of areas. They have to control and verifiably document compliance with more and more laws, standards and regulations. The flood of regulations is followed by the flood of documents. Enterprise content management solutions are ideal for managing this as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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The Future of Driving - Technology Trends in Road Traffic

AWK Focus (2015/03)

The speakers Philipp Büchi and Rolf Münger demonstrated six selected technology trends.

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Data security in Smart Grids: Solution approaches and need for standardization

EVU-Lunch (2014/10)

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New challenges from mass business

EVU-Lunch (2014/10)

New challenges through mass business

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Successful ICT procurement is not witchcraft

AWK FOCUS (2014/06)

Among other things, procurement involves a lot of money. Individual cases of corruption scandals in the media distract from the actual purpose of procurement: First, the required service or the desired system must be specified and then a partner must be found for its realisation. This is a difficult starting position considering that often only rough ideas exist regarding the object of delivery.

Dr Roger Mosimann, Bernhard Rösli, Michael Graf

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Integral Security


Network industry symposium (2014/06)

Implementation in practice

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ICT - the key to a successful strategy and its implementation


Many companies only get as far as formulating the strategy. How can implementation be ensured?

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Successful process optimization in practice


Companies today are subject to constant change. Examples of change triggers are changes in the market, mergers, outsourcing or even new laws and industry standards. Therefore, the management of business processes is part of the everyday life of companies today.

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Data security in the Smart Grid

EVU-Lunch (2013/11)

Approaches and need for standardisation

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Network control technology

EVU-Lunch (2013/11)

Supply quality and network management of the future

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Requirements Engineering - decisive for project success


Wherever it is a question of turning a goal into reality by means of a project, one has to deal with requirements. It is important to take into account the relevant needs of all stakeholders and the given framework conditions and to document them in a meaningful way.  

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Cyber security - current trends and protective measures

AWK Focus (2013/06)

More and more services are now offered and used via electronic channels. The importance of the internet for the state, the economy and society is constantly increasing and with it our dependence on the internet as a critical communication infrastructure.

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Mine your data - A way to a better understanding of the company


The amount of data in companies increases on average by 40% annually. This data is mostly only used within dedicated business applications. In addition to classic application data and unstructured document collections, machine-generated data from devices and systems has also increased significantly. In the context of social media and e-business, new types of tools for data analysis and interpretation have come onto the market in recent years that do not require a data warehouse.

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Success factors in network management

EVU-Lunch (2012/11)

What are the future success factors in the operation of the electricity grid?

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Network asset management

EVU-Lunch (2012/11)

Network asset management between theory and feasibility

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AWK World

AWK World


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AWK Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.



June 2020
Preparation for the unthinkable
In cooperation with AWK Group
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