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Smart Government

Exploit the full potential of Smart Government
To realize the full potential of smart government, digital transformation must be addressed with a holistic approach and appropriate strategies that comprehensively support change at all levels. This poses major organisational, technical and economic challenges for the Confederation, cantons and municipalities. As an independent consulting firm, Eraneos has been supporting public administration clients in numerous projects for decades and is actively involved in shaping digital change at all federal levels.
Smart Government

Politics and society are constantly demanding new and often very complex services from the public sector.

At the same time, cost pressure and requirements for reliability, security and flexibility are constantly on the rise. Smart Government enables better decisions in politics and administration, makes public services and internal processes more user-friendly and efficient, opens up innovative and collaborative solutions in public administration and promotes public participation. Realizing the potential of Smart Government, however, involves a lot of work and far-reaching changes at all federal levels.

Although modern ICT plays an important role in this context, the success of smart government initiatives and projects must also take into account organizational aspects and, above all, the people who use these technologies. Smart government requires embedding in the overall business strategy and the courage to change. All those involved must be willing to face digital change and its associated dynamics.

Today's stakeholders in public administration expect digital and location-independent offerings. This will drive the digitization of public administration even further in the future. The increasing quantity structures and requirements can only be met with better networking and process optimization within and across public administrations. To this end, existing processes, organizational structures and IT systems must be realigned. Modular, interoperable and reusable solutions are becoming increasingly important in this context.

How we can assist you:

Thanks to our many years of experience and the unique combination of different competencies, we are able to advise federal, cantonal and municipal administrations on the implementation of Smart Government from an independent and neutral perspective. We support you in the analysis of your digital maturity level, develop a digital strategy together with you, accompany you in digital transformation projects and help you to implement new business strategies and models. As a professional partner, we are also at your side for process design, process optimization, specialist applications and operating services (architecture, requirements engineering, GATT/WTO procurement, security, etc.) as well as project management.

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Smart Government - Business Strategy for Effective Administration

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2020/05)

We show what benefits a business strategy brings to an office or department in the administration, how it can be designed effectively and what in particular needs to be taken into account.

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Potential analysis

Verein eCH in collaboration with Eraneos Group:

Potential analysis «Standardization needs in the context of smart city and IoT in connection with government» (2020/01)
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The Customer at the Centre

Eraneos Focus (2019/04)

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Smart Government - Using digitization consistently

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2019/02)

The steadily growing digitisation has replaced more and more analogue processes in recent years - also in the administration.

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Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

Eraneos FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Lack of agility - a problem of public procurement?

IT procurement conference (2017/08)

Procurement agile software development

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Project Portfolio Management - From Strategy to the Right Projects

Eraneos Focus (2015/10)

Eraneos has an even more comprehensive range of consulting and training services in the field of project management.

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Challenges and Solution approaches

ICT procurement (2015/09)

SVöB after-work talk

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Tested and Approved - Successful License Management in Practice


Computerworld (2015/08)

Since the introduction of a licence management solution, Helsana's IT has one less thing to worry about. Relationships with software manufacturers are now based on reliable and credible information, and licence audits have lost their terror. A field report.

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Mastering Compliance Requirements with Enterprise Content Management

Eraneos Focus (2015/06)

Companies and organisations are confronted with an increasing number of compliance requirements in a wide variety of areas. They have to control and verifiably document compliance with more and more laws, standards and regulations. The flood of regulations is followed by the flood of documents. Enterprise content management solutions are ideal for managing this as efficiently and reliably as possible.

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Change successfully


Computerweek (2015/03)

Change management has contributed significantly to stabilising IT operations in recent years. In times of digital transformation, new challenges and opportunities now await.  

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New age in digital traffic management


Road and Traffic (2015/03)

Since May last year, the new traffic management application has been running productively on the IT systems of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). In collaboration with the various cantonal police forces and Viasuisse, the new specialist application enables the Swiss Traffic Management Centre in Emmenbrücke (VMZ-CH) to exchange traffic information in a standardised and efficient manner. Road users benefit from timely information and smooth traffic flow.

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Development of IT costs in cantons and cities - and what can be done about it?


SIK Autumn Conference (2014/11)

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E-Government: IT management creates synergies


Computerweek (2014/10)

eGovernment opens up new opportunities to work together synergistically across the strongly vertically organised and federally shaped administrative units. Thoughtful implementation brings advantages, but also poses challenges for IT management.

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A modern business IT organization

Web week (2014/09)

After years of increasing centralisation, decentralised IT functions are increasingly needed in the specialised departments due to the crucial importance of IT for the value chain. This requires a new holistic management approach for IT in the company.

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Project management with HERMES 5 - just an update or the big one?

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2014/09)

HERMES is a project management method that was developed by the Swiss Federal Administration and has been in use for many years. As an open standard, it is freely available to all organisations and companies. In 2013, the new, massively revised version HERMES 5 was released. What does HERMES 5 bring to users? Is HERMES 5 a real alternative to international standards such as PMBOK from PMI or company-specific developed project management methods?

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Integral Security


Network industry symposium (2014/06)

Implementation in practice

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Successful ICT procurement is not witchcraft

Eraneos FOCUS (2014/06)

Among other things, procurement involves a lot of money. Individual cases of corruption scandals in the media distract from the actual purpose of procurement: First, the required service or the desired system must be specified and then a partner must be found for its realisation. This is a difficult starting position considering that often only rough ideas exist regarding the object of delivery.

Dr Roger Mosimann, Bernhard Rösli, Michael Graf

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ICT - the key to a successful strategy and its implementation

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2014/03)

Many companies only get as far as formulating the strategy. How can implementation be ensured?

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Data security in the Smart Grid

EVU-Lunch (2013/11)

Approaches and need for standardisation

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Requirements Engineering - decisive for project success

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2013/09)

Wherever it is a question of turning a goal into reality by means of a project, one has to deal with requirements. It is important to take into account the relevant needs of all stakeholders and the given framework conditions and to document them in a meaningful way.  

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Data Loss Prevention: For the benefit of your company data


Swiss IT Magazine (2013/09)

The unlawful leakage of critical business data can threaten the very existence of a company. Data loss prevention (DLP) in conjunction with the right processes is an important component of a holistic defence strategy.

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Cyber security - current trends and protective measures

Eraneos Focus (2013/06)

More and more services are now offered and used via electronic channels. The importance of the internet for the state, the economy and society is constantly increasing and with it our dependence on the internet as a critical communication infrastructure.

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VoIP projects in cantons - far more than the replacement of classic TVAs


Country municipality KOMBV-KTV of the Swiss Informatics Conference (2013/06)

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Current challenges in public procurement for ICT projects


Informatics Conference (2013/05)

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Traffic management on national roads


Road traffic Switzerland (2013/01)

Since the beginning of 2008, the Federal Roads Office Astra has been operating the Swiss Traffic Management Centre (VMZ-CH) in Emmenbrücke. It ensures an optimal flow of traffic on the national roads. With the sub-project "Integrated Applications", a comprehensive IT system is to be developed, with the support of which VMZ-CH will be able to centrally and efficiently influence traffic on the national roads from 2014.

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Cloud Computing - Cloudy with a View of the Sun

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/12)

The internet itself originated from the idea of accessing centrally provided computing power via a network. Cloud computing develops this approach further. Increased network performance and simplified access make it possible today to use IT resources of almost any kind via the internet.

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Processes and tools for a lived Business-IT-Alignment

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2012/06)

The current demands on IT and its CIOs are high. On the one hand, IT as a business enabler should deliver an optimal value contribution to the company's success, offer agile and flexible high-quality solutions and be customer-oriented. On the other hand, it has to operate with stagnating or declining IT budgets and increase its efficiency year after year.

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Development of the federal ICT strategy 2012-2015


eGov Presence (2012/02)

The expectations and objectives of the client, the management line and the participants required a procedure adapted to the situation for the development of the Confederation's new ICT strategy. The ICT strategy was developed over a period of nine months in a process that, although oriented to the prescribed formal planning methodology, also included the higher-level decision-making process shaped by the departmental organisation and brought together the interests and contributions of all stakeholders with open workshops.

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Diagnosis for projects in a crisis situation


Megalink (2012/01)

When projects are in trouble, an independent consulting firm is often called in to analyse and define measures. From the experience of such mandates, an efficient procedure model has been developed with which the critical problem areas of a project can be identified. Suitable measures can then be derived from this to lead the project back onto the right path.

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Project Review - Diagnosis for projects in distress

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2011/12)

Despite the increasing professionalisation in project management, a considerable proportion of projects are still completed with delays, cost overruns or performance deficiencies. In many projects, such deviations from the specifications are already visible at an early stage - especially if detailed planning with periodic controlling and reporting is in place. Smaller deviations can usually be tolerated without any problems and do not result in any measures being taken.

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ECM, CMS, DMS, GEVER - solutions to manage the information overload

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2011/06)

Information and the knowledge derived from it are central production factors whose optimal availability is critical to the success of business processes. A major challenge is to cope with the enormously growing amount of unstructured data. This applies not only in terms of storage requirements, but also with regard to fast access to the relevant parts and the fulfilment of compliance requirements.

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Swiss eGovernment Forum (2011/03)

Many roads lead to Rome! A navigation aid

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Electronic data exchange - silent driver of the E-Gov revolution

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2010/06)

In order to realise the potential benefits of eGovernment, it must be possible to exchange information electronically with and between the authorities. As an example, this Eraneos-FOKUS examines the electronic exchange of data in the environment of the AHV/IV implementing agencies. However, a single data exchange platform is not yet sufficient to achieve the aforementioned goals. The vision is rather to link various platforms into a comprehensive network.  

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Risk management in projects made easy

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2007/03)

The basis for optimal project management is a holistic project management system. However, risk management is often perceived as an additional expense without direct benefit.

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Identity and Access Management

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2005/12)

ICT security has become a central topic for CIOs and IT managers in the last few years and has achieved visibility all the way up to company management. Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Single Sign-On (SSO) have become buzzwords for a central topic area in every security architecture. Behind IAM and SSO lie various sophisticated technology topics such as directory services, application integration or public key infrastructures (PKI). Above all, these buzzwords conceal highly demanding process- and organisation-driven projects, where the technical implementation is only the tip of the iceberg. This Eraneos FOKUS looks at this complex of topics from the perspective of authentication.

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Project Management - A Guide to Success

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2005/09)

Today, project management is much more important than it was a few years ago and has become an important component of entrepreneurial performance.

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E-Government - From Information Technology to Administrative Reform

Eraneos KNOWLEDGE (2005/06)

The latest studies prove once again: Switzerland has fallen into the sidelines when it comes to e-government! Compared to European countries, the scope and the (zero) growth of online services are very poor. Shaken awake by these negative headlines, various excuses are put forward: Federal structures, data protection, lack of standards and, last but not least, economic considerations. Other countries, however, could make the same excuses - and still rank far ahead of Switzerland in the international rankings. What are the underlying causes for this lag?

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