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The Swiss energy supply industry, not only according to Covid-19

Winning with (in)security
In the future, Swiss energy providers will also have to react to rapid, fundamental changes in the shortest possible time and take measures to protect their company and take advantage of opportunities. It is important to get the organisation and the employees used to the unknown. It starts with the mentality of the employees and then goes through an open process observation of the environment and does not end with an (IT) organisation that is as flexible and resilient as possible.
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The Swiss energy supply industry, not only according to Covid-19
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Winning with (in)certainty: The Swiss utility industry, not only according to Covid-19

E-Paper (2020/11)

Changes, driven by digitalisation among other things, are happening ever faster and are triggered by exogenous shocks such as the Corona crisis from outside. It has long since ceased to be sufficient to anticipate the future in the way it is handled in classic scenario and strategy development.

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