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Smart Energy - Opportunities and risks

AWK at the symposium "Energy Data and Information Security" of the VSE

The "Energy Data and Information Security" symposium of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE) on 13 March 2019 was dedicated to the rollout of intelligent metering systems.

By the end of 2027, the utility companies must have installed the so-called "smart meters" at their customers' premises. This rollout raises numerous strategic and operational questions that the energy supply companies are currently dealing with. Which tasks are to be performed with smart meters in the future? What are the most promising applications? How should smart meters be embedded in the company's business process and ICT architecture? What are the challenges in terms of data security and data protection?

Schmuel Holles, Head of Utilities at AWK, gave an introductory presentation on "Smart Energy - Opportunities and Risks" in which he placed smart metering in the overall context of an increasingly digitized and networked energy industry - "Smart Energy".

With a tour through today's use cases of the smart energy world, the presentation showed the current status of developments and highlighted the opportunities and risks involved. Only through a holistic approach that takes into account all external and internal factors influencing the "Smart Energy" ecosystem can these opportunities be maximized and the risks understood and minimized.

Based on this, Schmuel Holles addressed the high complexity of a smart energy implementation and showed which approaches and approaches can be used to ensure the agility and flexibility required for this.

Smart Energy
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Smart Energy - Opportunities and risks


VSE-Fachtagung (2019/03)
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