Replacement Communication Systems Zurich-Schaffhausen

Successful project completion and heartfelt thanks
The communication systems of the national roads in territorial unit VII, i.e. Zurich and Schaffhausen, were completely replaced. This infrastructure enables police operators to keep track of the national roads at all times and to take immediate measures such as blocking or diversion in the event of an incident.

For operation and maintenance, the communication systems are the central element for alerting technical faults and for operating all electromechanical systems in the tunnels and on the open track. Due to the large interdependencies between the systems, the overall project was implemented in the following three parts:

  • 2017: New development and migration of the higher-level control system for monitoring and controlling all communication systems in the cantons of Zurich and Schaffhausen.
  • 2018: Replacement and harmonization of software and hardware of 178 individual SCADA systems, including their integration into the higher-level control system (UeLS)
  • 2019: Modernisation of all 32 UeLS workplaces at police and maintenance level

The success of this project was only possible through the outstanding cooperation of all project participants. AWK was able to manage this project from the very beginning and would like to thank more than 20 participating entrepreneurs, the police officers of the Zurich Cantonal Police and the SHPOL, the employees of the company and our client, the Federal Roads Office ASTRA (Winterthur branch), for their cooperation and the successful completion of this project.

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