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Opening of the Ceneri Basistunnel

Eraneos congratulates on the groundbreaking event and the successful project highlight.
On the 4th September 2020, the 15.4 km long Ceneri Basistunnel opened - a quantum leap in European mobility.

With the new rail link through the Alps (NEAT), Switzerland is providing a modern, high-performance rail infrastructure on the European north-south corridor through the Alps - as an environmentally friendly alternative to road transport for goods and passengers.

Eraneos has accompanied this project as project engineer on behalf of the client Alptransit Gotthard since 2008 and was responsible for the project planning, tendering and implementation support of the following sub-sections of railroad technology:

  • Telecom fixed network - extension of the tunnel control technology, including the conversion systems, data network and operational telecommunications
  • Telecom radio (GSM-R, POLYCOM, Public Provider) - realization of railroad and public mobile communication infrastructure
  • ICT security - Ensuring up-to-date protection of the tunnel's ICT infrastructure

In addition, we supported the client with additional resources on site as the client's representative and in coordinating the execution of the railroad technology.

The systems designed by Eraneos:

  • The tunnel is operated by the SBB's operations control center in Pollegio. The tunnel control technology is used to remotely control and monitor all the installations of the tunnel infrastructure.
  • All systems are networked together via a redundant MPLS data network. This ensures the independence of the two tubes in the event of a fault.
  • For emergencies, all cross passages are equipped with operational communication or with two emergency call points each, which can be used to communicate directly with the operating personnel in Pollegio.
  • The tunnel is operated via cab signaling. Driving clearance and the current speed is transmitted via GSM-R. This requires a reliable mobile communication infrastructure. Accordingly, both tunnel tubes are equipped with atunnel radio system, which provides services for railroad operations, rescue and safety organizations and the services of the three public providers. The NEAT will be completed in December 2020 with the commercial commissioning of the Ceneri Basistunnel.

This will make the dream of a flat railroad right through the Alps come true, and what is probably the longest Eraneos project started in 2003 with the Gotthard Basistunnel is slowly coming to an end.
Opening of the Ceneri Basistunnel
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