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Industry Forum 2025

Industry 4.0
The digital transformation means a comprehensive change in industrial companies. The «Industry Forum 2025» takes place annually and is one of the largest events in Switzerland focusing on Industry 4.0.

The forum offers a wholistic view and focuses on various key areas in terms of Digital Strategy, Culture & Organization, Security, Business Models and Smart Factory. Experts will discuss about their work and companies will talk about their practical experiences.

AWK will give a lecture together with the Reishauer company on the topic «The development of a digital strategy at Reishauer». As the world's leading technology provider for gear grinding, Reishauer has been setting the standards in the industry for decades and has already implemented numerous projects in the context of digitalization and Industry 4.0. In order to push further digital projects in a focused manner, a company-wide digital strategy was developed that is aligned with the company's goals.

Dr. Fabrice Monti di Sopra, CTO Reishauer, and Dr. Boris Ricken, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation AWK, will lead together through the presentation.

Due to the current situation, this year's event will take place on 12 May as a completely digital webcast.

Link to the webcast

Industry Forum 2025
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