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Future day at AWK

A look into the everyday work of a consultant - AWK makes it possible on Future Day
AWK used the National Future Day on 14 November 2019 to introduce numerous young people to working as consultants.

We were pleased about the lively interest and were able to welcome nineteen interested young people aged between ten and fourteen years at our headquarters in Oerlikon.

On National Future Day, students in grades 5 to 7 accompany their parents, relatives or other caregivers to work. The aim is for the young people to gain an insight into various job profiles and become aware of the careers and opportunities open to them.

After the welcome and an introduction to the world of IT projects by the CEO, Oliver Vaterlaus, our young guests went on a tour of the office premises. Our consultants then used the example of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and projects from the police environment to show them the everyday work of AWK employees. Finally, in a group activity, the young people were able to slip into the role of AWK consultants themselves and gain their own project experience in obtaining a mobile phone. The results of the group work were then proudly presented by the participants to their families.

Satisfied we look back on a varied and instructive day. An investment in the future, which we approach with joy and for which we were rewarded with curiosity and the great commitment of the young people. Many thanks to all those who made this informative day possible and a big thank you to the young people and their families for their great interest.
Future day at AWK
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