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Baton Shala is awarded the SDG Award.

Swiss Green Economy Symposium 2019
At the Swiss Green Economy Symposium 2019, Baton Shala received the SDG Award for his master's thesis. In intensive research work, he identified over a hundred economic smart city applications and developed them by means of expert interviews and an ideas workshop. Together with the experts, Baton Shala came to the conclusion that applications such as Smart Waste Management, Co-Working Spaces, City Detectors, Hackathons and Apps for parking lot rental are easy to implement and at the same time relevant for a Smart City. Applications related to energy and security systems, the digitalization of processes and open data business models were classified as relevant but challenging.

"I investigated the question of whether a Smart City can also be economically viable for companies that do not themselves have information and communication technologies as a core competence.
MSE graduate Baton Shala on his master's thesis
Baton Shala is awarded the SDG Award.
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