AWK presents strategy paper for communication network operators

General Assembly SUISSEDIGITAL
Rolf Wagner, Head of Service Provider & Media at AWK, presented the AWK strategy paper on "Communication Networks in Times of Cyber Security & Cross-Network Platforms". The paper highlighted the challenges and consequences of digital transformation for communication network operators. He showed in concrete examples that the time is ripe for cross-network cooperation in the area of cyber security, among others.

While Switzerland and in particular the communications network operators are making good progress in the area of digitisation, there is still some catching up to do in the area of digital transformation. In contrast to digitisation, this is not only about automating existing processes and making them more efficient, but also about fundamentally transforming, redesigning and optimising processes and customer experiences - right through to redeveloping and expanding the business model.

Why does it make sense to collaborate across?
On the one hand, digitization enables services to be scaled (better) across the board. New digital business models and digitally optimized customer experiences can be more easily scaled across current infrastructure boundaries (e.g. OTT service).

Furthermore, current topics and technologies go beyond the possibilities of individual companies: high investments are necessary, building an ecosystem with (technology) partners is costly. Due to the limited number of specialists, there is a paradigm shift from "Will I do it myself?" to "Can I do it myself?

Finally, Rolf Wagner presents concrete ideas and starting points for cross-network platforms, services and products.
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