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AWK illuminates "Smart Government from different perspectives

Rethink Smart Government Occasion

At AWK's "Rethink Smart Government" 2019 more than 40 representatives of the middle and upper management of the public sector met yesterday at the Schweizerhof Bern for an exciting exchange of information and opinions on the opportunities and challenges of digitization in administration.

The high-calibre guest speakers Prof. Dr. Roman Beck (IT University of Copenhagen), Dr. Peter Grünenfelder (Director Avenir Suisse), Markus Naef (CEO SwissSign Group AG), Natasja Sommer-Feldbrugge (Director Corporate Affairs & Communications, JT International AG) and Prof. Dr. Georges-Simon Ulrich (Director Federal Statistical Office), discussed developments and measures that play a major role on the way to "Digital Switzerland". They made it clear that "Smart Government" encompasses much more than the mere digitisation of administrative processes.

This year's event focused on smart national blockchain infrastructures as the basis for standardising innovation and regulation, the complex balancing act between a single digital solution and federal system competition, and state-approved electronic identities to support the development of online business and e-government applications. Other topics included ensuring interoperability as a prerequisite for the multiple use of data for administration and digital cooperation between the private sector and public services, which is becoming increasingly important in the implementation of Smart Government.

The speakers' broad and practical view of a topic that affects the public sector nationwide met with great interest among the participants. This manifested itself not only in the panel and plenary discussions, but also in the lively discussions at the subsequent Apéro Riche.

The most important findings from the guest lectures are summarized in our e-paper on the event here:

Smart Government
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