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AWK Award for the Master in Information Systems


For the first time this year, AWK Group has the honor to award the "AWK Prize for the Master in Information Systems" amounting to CHF 1000. This prize goes to Mr. Florian Cédric Terrier, a graduate of HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne, Faculty of Economics) for his master thesis entitled "Personnalisation fonctionnelle et suivi de l’activité physique et sportive" (Functional personalization and monitoring of physical and sporting activity).

This award recognizes his outstanding Master's thesis in terms of quality, originality and practicality and is presented to Mr. Terrier for his excellent work in the domain "Wearable IT devices and personal development". The jury particularly appreciated the fact that the work focused on the needs of the end customer (customer centricity) - both in the analysis and concept stages. His proven methodology as well as the global treatment of the problem (identification of positive and negative influences) make this work unique. The jury also specifically highlighted the comprehensive literature review, as well as the definition and usage of a common language, which is an indispensable basis for a common understanding of the topic.

The Swiss company AWK Group, which awards this prize, is one of the leading independent consulting firms  for digital transformation in Switzerland. Among its goals are the promotion of an exceptional spirit of analysis and synthesis, a customer-centric approaches, good listening capabilities and pronounced understanding of user needs. All of these skills are also essential qualities for an excellent consultant.

AWK Group congratulates Mr. Terrier for his brilliant work and wishes him a good start for his professional career.

AWK Award for the Master in Information Systems
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