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A Datahub for Switzerland: Digitalizing the Electricity and Gas Markets

Study - Utilities

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The Swiss energy (electricity and gas) industry is undergoing an enormous transformation. Increasing numbers of players and the pending market liberalization, the energy transformation with its accompanying decentralization and decarbonization, new customer expectations, and technological innovations are impacting the rate and flow of information. The current system of heterogenous interfaces and partial solutions for data exchange is not sustainable for the long term.

The Swiss Federal Council has determined that changes are urgently necessary. In conjunction with its revision of the Electricity Supply Act, it has proposed the establishment of a national data hub. To support the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Eraneos Group and E-Bridge Consulting collaborated on a study to analyze approaches and propose solutions for this data exchange hub.

The study examines possible approaches to improving data exchange and pertinent models for their design. It considers all relevant use cases in the future energy market as well as factors such as economic efficiency, data protection and data security.

The report establishes the groundwork for the establishment of such an "energy datahub" and for embedding it within the framework of the Electricity Supply Act and the Gas Supply Act. The study's findings, which include thirteen recommendations, will be incorporated into the corresponding parliamentary process.

BFE Study with Eraneos Datahub Switzerland: Digitalizing Electricity Gas Markets
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“Datahub Switzerland. Core of future data infrastructure of digitized electricity and gas markets.”


Available in German only

In conjunction with its Energy Strategy 2050, the Swiss Federal Council is proposing a revision of the Electricity Supply Act and the Gas Supply Act. In this connection, Eraneos Group, E-Bridge Consulting and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) collaborated on a study on the infrastructure necessary for a national data hub.  This hub will facilitate the exchange of data and information in the Swiss energy market. This study contains thirteen recommendations, which will facilitate the design of a Swiss-wide "energy data hub" and be included in the parliamentary process for the revision of the law.

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