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Digital strategy for industry 4.0

Although the "Industry 4.0" hype is flattening out, there are many facts that suggest that industrial companies should be proactive in promoting digitisation. In our e-paper, you will read why industrial companies should develop a digital strategy at all, what a digital strategy includes, what added value it can deliver, and what strategy development best practices have proven in practice.
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The future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events. Traditional risk management and future planning are reaching their limits here. Our AWK focus on resilience gives you approaches to strengthen your competitiveness through high resilience.
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Where do Swiss cities and municipalities stand on the road to Smart City? The stakeholder analysis Smart City Switzerland surveyed the players in the Smart City movement in Switzerland. The results provide information about challenges and goals, the maturity level of corresponding strategies, products and services as well as the great importance of platforms and initiatives that promote exchange among the actors.

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