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Webinar «Digitalization: Those who proceed strategically benefit from added value.»

Digitalization continues to confront companies with major challenges
Digitalization continues to confront companies with major challenges.

Numerous companies are responding to this with various individual initiatives, be it in the area of process automation, the interface to the customer or by launching new digital products, services and business models.

So far, such initiatives have often been bottom-up and rarely coordinated or aligned with corporate strategy. This leads not only to duplication and loss of efficiency, but also to a lack of strategic focus.

However, a strategic approach supported by the management and a closely interlinked interaction of different business competencies are among the key factors for the successful implementation of digitization projects. Especially for companies with ongoing digitization projects, it is therefore advisable to take a conscious strategic approach. This not only allows a clear target picture to be developed but also allows the various individual activities to be approached in a focused manner.

The resulting consistency in communication with important stakeholders such as customers, employees and investors increases the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation and generates long-term added value.

Dr. Boris Ricken | Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation | AWK Group AG

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Virtual via «Axon Ivy» (

Date and time

01. September 2020, 11:00

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