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Supply Management & Cost Reduction

Regulation and compliance as an important strategic element

Global trends like globalization, digitalization and stricter regulations result in increased cost pressure. Streamlining and optimizing indirect spend is one way to respond.

Through our Supply Management & Procurement services, we apply a holistic end-to-end view on your procurement department while providing proven methodologies and tools, customizable to client-specific needs.

We support you to identify cost reduction opportunities and execute complex and sensitive sourcing and outsourcing initiatives. We optimize your procurement operating model according to best-industry standards.

Our Contribution


Experts with a comprehensive understanding of indirect spend in supply management and procurement


Experts with a comprehensive understanding of indirect spend in supply management and procurement


Continuously improved methodologies and tools based on technological market developments and industry best practices

Offshoring and Outsourcing

Steadily increasing cost pressure requires the financial service industry to seek out new directions for cost optimization. Offshoring of non-core functions is one way to respond.

Successful offshoring must be of strategic importance and requires a meticulous planning. Our Offshoring Framework includes proven methodologies and tools that provide a comprehensive outlook regarding your offshoring objectives.

We assess your strategy and sourcing readiness to help you identify and fulfil regulatory requirements and ensure the successful transformation into the new operating model.

Our contribution


Experts with a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of outsourcing and offshoring obstacles and solutions


Proven methodologies and tools that have shaped our Offshoring Framework

Project support

Implementation of new methodologies and tools based on technological market developments and industry best practices

Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Increasing client expectations for sustainable responsibility of companies, global and complex supply chains as well as regulatory requirements for outsourced services highlight the need for an effective and comprehensive Third Party Risk Management (TPRM).

We support you to identify and classify potential risks (based on purchased goods and services) and design your risk framework using a standardized risk-based approach.

Whenever appropriate, we integrate your TPRM solution into existing procurement processes like S2C and supplier relationship management, to ensure highest efficiency and effectiveness.

Our contribution


Experts with a comprehensive understanding of third-party risk management


Well-designed and proven tools and methodologies for supplier risk analyses and designing customized risk frameworks


Continuously validated tools and data providers, based on market developments and industry best practices

M&A Ope­ra­tio­na­li­za­tion

Even though, M&A transactions should improve the operational and financial results of both parties, it goes without saying that the separation as well as the integration process is a very complex undertaking with a constant probability of failing.

Successful M&A operationalization requires full attention from the beginning of the due diligence and negotiation phase and requires a tight project management and rigorous monitoring until completion of the stabilization phase.

Our proven methodology ensures a structured and strictly managed separation or integration project. By focussing on change management, business processes and IT landscape as well as on contract-related topics (supplier, customer and inter-company), we enable a smooth transition to the DivestCo and RemainCo target operating models.

Our contribution


Experts with comprehensive understanding of the major challenges for M&A integrations and separations


Deep understanding of all aspects of pre- and post-closing activities, such as contractual challenges (transferability, right to use, etc.), personnel transfer and organizational separations

Change Management

Supplementary change management and transformation management skills for a smooth operationalization of M&A transactions

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable behaviour has become essential for corporate governance in the financial services industry. Not surprisingly, this topic has reached top management floors and enjoys top priority. Corporate sustainability covers various disciplines, such as sustainable procurement.

Although, numerous procurement organizations are driving individual sustainability initiatives, a holistic and consistent approach to establish sustainable procurement in the organization, is often missing.

Eraneos offers a structured and effective approach for the implementation of a comprehensive Sustainable Procurement Framework, which is easily customizable to clients' needs.

Our contribution


Experts with deep understanding of sustainable procurement


Comprehensive Sustainable Procurement Framework ready to be customized for clients' needs


Well-designed and proven tools for assessing and implementing sustainable procurement


Continuously improved methodologies and sustainability measures based on global developments and industry best practices

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