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Retail & Logistics

The human being in the center of all actions.

The future of retail is shaped on a social level by individualization, localization and mindfulness. At the same time, new technologies such as block chain, virtual reality, cloud or headless architectures enable almost unlimited innovation potential for new products, services and business models.

This abundance of possibilities and the speed with which new options are added makes it difficult to keep an overview. Those who have a holistic view of their company and a clear guiding star are therefore clearly at an advantage. For future successful companies, this guiding star is the human being as an individual in all its forms. Be it in the role of the customer, the employee or the owner.

Companies that clearly see people behind the processes, products, data and actions are well equipped for the future.

Retail & Logistics
Peter Müller
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For retailers, the digital transformation encompasses the entire supply chain from raw materials to the customer. We call this integral view of digital transformation the Digital Supply Chain.

We design the «Digital Supply Chain»

In order to be able to provide products and services to the recognized, individual human being, the basis is a framework of efficient processes and systems. Classic supply chain management has long called for a cross-stage integration of the entire value chain. This proven logic still has its greatest potential with the digitalization and integration of data flows. The digital twin of the supply chain - the Digital Supply Chain - is the biggest challenge and will be the biggest value driver in the future. Companies are forced to master the corresponding methods, processes and technologies. To become masters of the digital supply chain, they must therefore develop in six dimensions and build up and expand the corresponding competencies:

1. Data proficiency - the ability to obtain and refine the raw material data and to act efficiently

2. Architectural mindset - the ability to have an integral view of today's and tomorrow's enterprise architecture and to constantly develop it further.

3. Operational excellence - the ability to establish a claim of excellence in all business processes with regard to quality.

4. Omnichannel mastery - The ability to create a consistent enterprise interface across channels and touchpoints.

5. Customer focus - The ability to understand the customer as an individual and to keep him uncompromisingly at the center of all actions.

6. Human centricity - the ability to understand and design the company as an adaptive network based on the relationships of individuals.

How we can assist you:

As a partner in the development of the digital future, in addition to AWK's network of experts, a dedicated team with many years of industry experience is at your disposal, whose heart beats for retail and who has the answers to key digitization questions.

Digital Strategy & Innovation

  • What does my future business model look like and what do I have to do to make it a reality?
  • What organization do I need to offer my customers the best benefits?
  • What chances do I have with eCommerce, B2B-Commerce and Omni-Channel?

Customer Insights & Retail Analytics

  • How do I create a deep relationship with my client in the digital world?
  • What value can I offer my client by using the data available to me?
  • How can my entire organization become more efficient with Data Science and AI?

Digital Supply Chain

  • How do I create the integral digital twin of my physical supply chain and what opportunities does it offer?
  • How do I connect digitally to my supply chain partners in an efficient and secure way?
  • How do I bridge silos and boundaries in my current information supply chain?

Digital Platforms & Cloud

  • What does the future system and technology landscape look like that will enable my business model of the future?
  • What are the core systems (e.g. ERP, MDM, CRM, PIM) and applications that will be of greatest benefit to me?
  • Which partners and which know-how do I need to operate them efficiently?

Future of Retail Technology

  • What influence do technologies like Blockchain, AR / VR or IoT have on my business model?
  • How and when do I integrate this know-how into my organization?
  • How can technologies support to address trends like sustainability, localization and individualization?

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How does digital entrepreneurship work?

Presentation at the «SCC Swiss Council Congress» (2020/09)

Rocking Northwestern Switzerland stationary or breaking boundaries online?

How does digital entrepreneurship work? A look into the recipe book

Roland Voser, Senior Consultant, AWK Group AG

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Action plan for CIOs, CTOs and CDOs of Swiss industrial companies

E-Paper (2020/03)

CIOs, CTOs and CDOs are faced with major technical challenges. In our publication "Action Plan" we describe first steps how CIOs, CTOs and CDOs can tackle this challenge.

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Customer reference - Swiss Post

Customer reference (2020/02)

With the successful introduction of "Next Intranet", the competence centre for digital channels in the Communication Division of Swiss Post has set an important milestone for interactive dialogue with employees and for the networking of knowledge and people throughout the company. AWK accompanied the implementation of this ambitious project and was responsible for independent and professional risk management as well as quality assurance.

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Do Swiss industrial companies need their own digital strategy for Industry 4.0?

E-Paper (2019/10)

A lot of time has passed since the term Industry 4.0 was introduced to the public at the Hanover Fair in 2011. The constant exposure to these topics is beginning to show signs of fatigue among managers.

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AWK Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.

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Agile strategy development in industrial companies


Maschinenbau - The Swiss industry magazine (2019/07)

Many Swiss industrial companies still follow a cumbersome, linear process in their strategic planning. Given the radical change in the environment of Swiss industry, this is astonishing.

PDF | 928.78 KB |

The Customer at the Centre

AWK Focus (2019/04)

The twelfth edition of the renowned IT security conference Troopers took place in Heidelberg from 18 to 22 March 2019.

PDF | 1.40 MB |

Smart Society - Curse or blessing?

AWK FOCUS (2018/10)

While digitisation projects in past years were mainly about digitising processes, constantly improving the customer experience.

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Data, data, data - Take advantage of the full potential

AWK Focus (2016/10)

Never before have organisations had more extensive and insightful data assets than today - and never before have the opportunities been better to exploit this potential to the full.

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Make Omni-Channel & Co. possible


GS1 network (2016/09)

While e-commerce dominated the market just a few years ago, today the real world is merging with the digital world.

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Project Portfolio Management - From Strategy to the Right Projects

AWK Focus (2015/10)

AWK has an even more comprehensive range of consulting and training services in the field of project management.

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Change successfully


Computerweek (2015/03)

Change management has contributed significantly to stabilising IT operations in recent years. In times of digital transformation, new challenges and opportunities now await.  

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Swisscom will switch off existing telephony in 2017 - what next?


Erfolg (2015/03)

The uniform transmission of voice, video and data via the Internet Protocol (IP) has become established worldwide.

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"All IP" - Communication in upheaval


By the end of 2017, the existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) throughout Switzerland will be converted to IP technology (Voice over IP, VoIP). Until then, most of the existing subscriber switching systems in companies will either have to be adapted or replaced.

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A modern business IT organization

Web week (2014/09)

After years of increasing centralisation, decentralised IT functions are increasingly needed in the specialised departments due to the crucial importance of IT for the value chain. This requires a new holistic management approach for IT in the company.

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Successful ICT procurement is not witchcraft

AWK FOCUS (2014/06)

Among other things, procurement involves a lot of money. Individual cases of corruption scandals in the media distract from the actual purpose of procurement: First, the required service or the desired system must be specified and then a partner must be found for its realisation. This is a difficult starting position considering that often only rough ideas exist regarding the object of delivery.

Dr Roger Mosimann, Bernhard Rösli, Michael Graf

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ICT - the key to a successful strategy and its implementation


Many companies only get as far as formulating the strategy. How can implementation be ensured?

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Successful process optimization in practice


Companies today are subject to constant change. Examples of change triggers are changes in the market, mergers, outsourcing or even new laws and industry standards. Therefore, the management of business processes is part of the everyday life of companies today.

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Mine your data - A way to a better understanding of the company


The amount of data in companies increases on average by 40% annually. This data is mostly only used within dedicated business applications. In addition to classic application data and unstructured document collections, machine-generated data from devices and systems has also increased significantly. In the context of social media and e-business, new types of tools for data analysis and interpretation have come onto the market in recent years that do not require a data warehouse.

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The leverage effect of optimized data management


ICT Communication (2013/02)

The optimal management and use of data plays an important role because it is a prerequisite for efficient business processes. The professional management of master data is therefore at the top of the agenda of many IT organisations.

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AWK World

AWK World


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AWK Focus (2019/10)

The buzzword "resilience" is omnipresent in the entrepreneurial context for one simple reason: the future is becoming increasingly difficult to predict in concrete terms. Resilience increases the resistance of companies to unknown and often negative events.



October 2020
Cargo sous terrain comes to the Parliament
Press release of Cargo sous terrain AG
AWK Group congratulates on the next successfully mastered milestone in this project and as part of the CST is looking forward to moving this innovative logistics project forward together.
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January 2021
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The innovative logistics infrastructure of the future
Cargo sous terrain (CST)
From 2031 onwards, CST is to link Switzerlands major centers as a digital overall logistics system.
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