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Project Management & Transformation

We make good project, program and project portfolio management better
Due to an increasingly dynamic environment and higher market expectations, companies are subject to high development and change pressure. Projects and programs are suitable for implementing strategic and goal-oriented developments and changes. The management of projects and programs, however, is not part of the actual corporate purpose in most companies. It is therefore all the more important to use funds and resources efficiently and effectively for this purpose. How must the management, methods and systems be designed to meet this challenge in the companies? We give you the answers.
What successful and effective project management must achieve
Our competence for your success

What successful and effective project management must achieve

We guide your critical projects and programs safely to their goal, advise you on the professionalization of your project, program and project portfolio systems and support you in agile transformation.

Successful strategy implementation in companies goes hand in hand with the successful implementation of programs and projects. The decisive success factor for this is the targeted management of programs and projects as well as the entire project portfolio. The increasing number and complexity of projects, dwindling resources and increased market dynamics demand ever greater flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency. Tailor-made classical, agile and hybrid methods form the basis for this.

The goal of agile transformation is to dynamize strategy implementation in companies. Well-networked, flexible and lean business units can react faster. The establishment of agile ideas and procedures is particularly suitable for this. Agile management is oriented towards the business value to be achieved. As a rule, delivery dates, resource usage and costs are fixed, while requirements can change during the course of the project.

We support you with the following services


We professionalize your project, program and project portfolio systems and thus lay the foundation for the success of your projects, programs and project portfolios.


We assume leading roles in your projects, programmes and project portfolios and thus make an active contribution to achieving your goals.


We accompany you in the agile transformation of your company and thus promote flexibility and adaptability in the implementation of strategies, business models and initiatives.

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Interview in the VZPM Annual Report 2019

Interview in the VZPM Annual Report 2019, VZPM (2020/06)

Josef Gubelmann, Head of Project Management & Transformation

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Earned Value - Objective measurement of project progress


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Change successfully


Computerweek (2015/03)
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A modern business IT organization

Web week (2014/09)
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VZPM Annual Report 2019
Project Management & Transformation
We congratulate VZPM on its positive results with regard to the total number of certificates issued and are pleased that we were able to provide a valuable contribution.
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