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Customer Centricity


The consistent orientation of the organisation towards customers has far-reaching consequences and encompasses all areas of the company: from product development, sales and service provision to after-sales. The basis is the Customer Journey with all points of contact between the customer and the company. Customer Centricity has to be deeply anchored in the DNA of the organisation and must be lived by all employees.

With digital transformation, customer centricity can and must be implemented to a completely different degree. Information technology provides the necessary tools to design the customer interface and gain a holistic view of customers and interactions. It also enables the production and optimization of tailor-made products and services in small batch sizes.

In this AWK FOKUS, we use various theses to explain what we mean by "customer centricity". Exciting interviews with Mr. Roland Brack, founder and owner of Competec, and Mr. Mark Jacob, Managing Director of Dolder Hotel AG, on "Customer Centricity" conclude our new publication.

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