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How to unleash the potential in your data?

Round table series: Digital Transformation in Life sciences

***This virtual round table will be held in English***

Data is the new Gold; a statement also true for the Life Sciences industry!

Even though pharma is an early adopter in using AI/ML in R&D, there is a lot of unrealized potential along the life sciences value chain for the use of AI/ML. AI/ML can be used to drive efficiencies and create value for the patient.  Examples can be found in commercial (e.g. AI based patient monitoring), pharmacovigilance (e.g. AI based management of events) or in managing a cost-efficient manufacturing and supply chain (e.g. predictive maintenance).

Hear from Dr. Daniel Kuhn who is the Head of AI and New Technologies at Merck Group. He will present an actual use case of implementing AI/ML in early drug discovery. After the case presentation, we want to discuss with you how to evaluate the right use cases to unleash the potential of your data.


  • Dr. Daniel Kuhn Associate Director, Head of AI and New Technologies at Merck Group

  • Steffen Maas, Managing Director of Ginkgo Analytics (part of Eraneos Group)

  • Jonas Dischl, Head of Data Analytics Eraneos (part of Eraneos Group)

  • Andrea Kreim, Life Science Industry Lead Eraneos (part of Eraneos Group)

Format of Round Table

The speakers will deliver a short presentation. There will be ample time for Q&A. We appreciate your active participation and sharing your experiences.

Information for Registration
You can register for free. We reserve the right to refuse registrations that do not belong to the target group. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Mme Lorraine Auguste.




Date and time

05. October 2022, 16:00 until 17:15


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