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We against the coronavirus

In these challenging times, we stand firmly by our employees, customers and partners.

AWK strictly adheres to all instructions of the Federal Office of Public Health. Our internal crisis management team meets regularly and informs all employees on an ongoing basis about the current hygiene and conduct rules that must be followed. in line with the situation. In addition, we have prepared an FAQ document that provides answers to frequently asked questions and is updated daily.

Our offices are still open, but currently offer only limited on-site services.

In order to ensure that we can continue to operate even if the situation becomes even more acute, our employees work primarily in their home offices. All meetings take place virtually. For employees who still have to work in our offices in a reduced form, we have proactively taken additional precautionary measures such as the free provision of face masks, hand disinfectants at all locations and intensive cleaning and disinfection of all office premises.

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These are our priorities

Measures to secure our future

AWK is in a very solid financial position and can also cope with a substantial drop in turnover lasting several months. Nevertheless, we are thinking in scenarios, up to a lockdown lasting several months, and have drawn up medium- and long-term action plans which address the following points with top priority

  • Preventing the dismissal of employees for economic reasons.
  • Ensuring the ability to deliver to our customers, especially in the period immediately following the Corona crisis, when demand for our services is expected to be high.
  • Limiting the economic damage to our company due to work absences.

Crisis support for affected industries

Crisis support for affected industries

The corona crisis poses major challenges for Swiss industrial companies. In addition to the health protection of employees, these are mainly in the technical area. At present, the focus is on short-term, reactive measures to safeguard operations. However, once the acute crisis has been overcome, the technical managers should also take medium and long-term measures as quickly as possible to make their company more resilient to future crises. Many of these measures also make a decisive contribution to improving cost efficiency and strengthening customer loyalty.

In order to support Swiss industrial companies in the current crisis, AWK has drawn up an action plan that not only addresses the direct and indirect fields of action and the need for action, but also identifies suitable measures with which CIOs, CTOs and CDOs can meet the upcoming challenges.

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Action plan for CIOs, CTOs and CDOs of Swiss industrial companies

E-Paper (2020/03)

CIOs, CTOs and CDOs are faced with major technical challenges. In our publication "Action Plan" we describe first steps how CIOs, CTOs and CDOs can tackle this challenge.

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Our employees are committed

Help for hotspot schools

To support schools during the Corona pandemic, AWK employees have developed a handout as part of a pro bono project that summarizes important tools and helpful information that can be used for distance learning and dialogue with students. In addition, we are planning to support schools with specific support needs by deploying our employees on site.

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