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Agility as a key component of change

We successfully support your agile road map

Contemporary business success requires the ability to adapt speedily to changes in markets and sectors, to test and continuously improve new ideas, and to demonstrate a greater understanding of customer needs. Far from only being essential for niche players and start-ups, this is increasingly important for established enterprises. We help you to identify the maturity and measures required on your agile journey.

AWK Group Agility Organization Leadership Infrastructure

Exploiting opportunities through business agility

The orientation towards business agility provides an effective lever for mastering these requirements. A successful transformation towards business agility with congruent orientation to lean and agile principles requires a holistic perspective. AWK provides support at all important adjustment points, be it at organization level (e.g. agile target operating model), the cultural change and skills development level (e.g. agile mindset, agile leadership and team agility) or in the area of infrastructure (e.g. technical architecture, DevOps).

Together with clients, we develop a road map, provide direct support for on-site challenges, realize location determination at the start of the agile transformation or during scaling and continuous improvement measures.

AWK draws on its own best practices in this respect, building on proven methods and frameworks with your experts to ensure the sustained growth of your business success in the transformation process.

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An overview of our service catalog – from the support of teams and introduction of agility during product developments to the enhancement of business agility.

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Solutions that enhance transparency and provide targeted support for your agile transformation.

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Successful agile projects – clients we support are on the way to being agile.

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"We shape and support dynamic change with digestible morsels."

Denise Pellet

Managing Consultant

"What is important during the agile transformation is the further development of agile best practices for teams and the reduction of dependencies in the organization. Business agility can only be achieved in this manner."

The road to an agile organization

What exactly distinguishes agile enterprises? A command of agile, rather procedural methods, practices and scenarios certainly provides the required basis. Building on this, "soft" aspects such as values, principles and mindsets should be internalized. Management, leadership and culture must undergo radical change on the road to the lean agile enterprise. Far from being achieved overnight, this demands a much more structured, gradual approach.

Scaling agility across the enterprise

Agile forms of working are employed today in practically every Swiss company. Some of these are currently taking their first steps in scaling agility across the entire enterprise. What has become evident during this process is that embedding an agile corporate culture in all levels of an organization represents a Herculean task. In particular, the change from a classic management style to servant leadership takes time and needs to be driven as rigorously as the establishment of a new control model based on lean and agile principles. How can this transformation be tackled in practical terms, and what are the most significant milestones on the road to a lean agile enterprise?

What is agility?

What is agility?

The organization responds flexibly to unexpected events and new market demands. Agility is the skill, mobility or flexibility of organizations, businesses and persons in structures and processes. The business is proactive as a result, not merely reactive.

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Denise Pellet
Managing Consultant
Denise Pellet
Christian Denzler
Christian Denzler

Our professional articles on current topics around agility

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Data Hub

E-Paper 01|22

Consolidating data and adding value. Available in German only.
PDF | 8.31 MB |

Data Analytics & AI Study - Generate Real Added Value with Data Analytics & AI

Study results (2021/11)

As part of an independent, international study, AWK Group surveyed companies in every sector of the economy regarding

the extent to which they already use data analytics (DA) and artificial intelligence (AI), and what the main value added is for them.

PDF | 2.45 MB |

Scaling Agility across the Enterprise

AWK Meet Your Peers - Management Summary

With experts, we explored the questions of how to approach transformation in a meaningful way and what the important milestones on the way to the "Lean Agile Enterprise" are.

PDF | 7.89 MB |

Finding the right partner in a public procurement through greater agility

E-Paper (2021/05)

The implementation of new digitalisation projects in public administration is complex in nature and increasingly involves agile project methods. It is becoming increasingly important to take into account 'soft' factors that are difficult to quantify when selecting suppliers for such projects. After all, mutual trust, fairness and open dialogue not only form a solid basis for a partnership of equals, but also play a central role in the successfully implementation of a project.

PDF | 182.55 KB |

Digital transformation is a question of survival


FOKUS Bau- & Immobilienwelt (2021/01)

Digitalization is also changing the real estate industry. Philipp Büchi, Senior Manager and Head of Real Estate, explains in an interview what will be important in the future.
PDF | 16.71 MB |

Lean Agile Enterprise

AWK FOCUS (2020/11)

Read in our latest issue of AWK FOCUS how companies can successfully establish and maintain themselves in their markets with the help of an agile mindset.

The replay of the webinar on the topic of «Lean Agile Enterprise» with Dr. Martin Wechsler, CIO of Migros-Genossenschafts-Bundes, can be found on our YouTube channel.
PDF | 3.21 MB |

Digital platforms - Are Swiss industrial companies oversleeping the business model of the future?

E-Paper (2020/03)

Swiss industrialfirms should lose no time and proactively put the topic of the platform economy on the management agenda. The opportunities offered by digital platforms cannot only be exploited by setting up one's own platform. Rather, industrialfirms should also consider how they can use other platform business models for themselves.

PDF | 1.04 MB |

Agile strategy development in industrial companies


Maschinenbau - The Swiss industry magazine (2019/07)

Many Swiss industrial companies still follow a cumbersome, linear process in their strategic planning. Given the radical change in the environment of Swiss industry, this is astonishing.

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